Key Benefits of Organising Team Lunches at Your Workplace

Good food is the one-stop solution to a lot of problems even in the workplace. I am sure a lot of you already know the good feeling of eating lunch together with our colleagues and boss. It tends to boost mood and energy levels and at the same time it helps you to develop a better understanding with your team members. Despite the many deadlines and Monday blues, we tend to feel better and stressed out all of a sudden. That’s one of the many powerful benefits of eating lip-smacking healthy meals together.

Why Team Lunches?

Team Lunches
Team Lunches

If you are managing a team, you must know how crucial it is to boost teamwork culture. In order to get things done easily, effectively, and timely, teamwork is incredibly important. Every team member has to be on the same pace in order to excel the task that they require to perform as a part of their work responsibilities.

Team lunches are however underrated in a majority of workplaces. While many organizations focus on other aspects like monthly activities, events, offering other perks to the employees like shuttle services, spa sessions, gift cards, little do they know how effective team lunch can be than what they might think. You will be glad to know that 45% of workers said the availability of free workplace healthy meals strongly influences their acceptance of Job offer as per a US-based Food truck catering service called Roaming Hunger. As per another research based on a survey of 2,000 office workers, they spend an average of 17.6 hours a year on cigarette breaks

If there is a free healthy food service available in-house for lunch or snacks, you won’t just benefit your workplace but also foster healthy habits thus help them to lead a healthy lifestyle. It can also decrease an employee’s need to leave the office thus cut down on toxic habits.

Imagine the impact that you’re creating in the minds of the employees and the community as a whole. They will surely feel valued and cared for.

Through this blog, I will take you on a short ride to discover the immense benefits of eating chemical-free and fresh meals can provide to your workplace. Whether you’re an employee or employer, this is something you just can’t miss.

Let’s dive into the blog straight away!

What are The Benefits of Team Lunches?

1. Help Break Down Barriers

Team Lunches Help Break Down Barriers
Team Lunches Help Break Down Barriers

This is extremely beneficial for the new joinee in the team to break the ice. Team lunches are helpful for them to get connected with the other team members in an informal and relaxed environment outside of the usual work setting. It gives a chance for more open conversations. Having friends at work makes it more enjoyable and team lunches are amazing as it helps to foster team bonding too.

2. Increases Productivity

Team Lunches Increases Productivity
Team Lunches Increases Productivity

We have been told for years that eating well makes us look fit but nobody told us that it makes us feel good too. A healthy and balanced diet helps us stay active and focused. It also keeps us alert which is a big requirement at work especially to overcome post lunch drowsiness. More the focus, the more will be the productivity. What else do you need for your business to flourish?

3. Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Team Lunches Develop Healthy Eating Habits
Team Lunches Develop Healthy Eating Habits

The availability of chemical-free food and variety of food at work is a great idea to aware people about the numerous benefits of healthy eating. It can influence people to make conscious choices when it comes to what they eat for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner back at home. This is also an effective step to support the fitness enthusiasts at your workplace to stick to their diet goals. They will surely acknowledge this small effort of yours which has a big impact on their overall well-being.

4. Lesser Sick Leave

Team Lunches Help Lesser Sick Leave
Team Lunches Help Lesser Sick Leave

Eating a well-balanced chemical-free meal can eliminate the risk of falling sick because of the good benefits that the meal is packed with. As a result, the staff will have fewer ‘absent’ or sick days. Thus, implementing a healthy eating program is a great way to promote wellness and ensure maximum attendance. Other initiatives like introducing gym memberships, Zumba sessions, medical checkups, etc. can encourage the staff to keep themselves fit and in shape, too.

5. Boost Mental Health

Team Lunches Boost Mental Health
Team Lunches Boost Mental Health

Mental health has been the talk of the town for years but sadly not the majority of the organizations take valid steps to support the mental health of their staff. According to Sutter health, Sugar and processed foods can lead to inflammation throughout the body and brain, which may contribute to mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. Everybody likes to work in an atmosphere where their mental health is being valued, and by providing healthy meals you can actually be a part of it. Less Stress, More Success, always remember!

6. Increase Employee Retention

Increase Employee Retention
Increase Employee Retention

As mentioned above, people like to both accept the offer from the workplace where free food meal service exists and at the same time the current employees are more likely to stay for a longer period. It creates an image of the company because the employer will surely share this with their friends or family through word of mouth or social media. It is one of the best strategies for employee retention and building a certain image of your company.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s learn what you can do as a company to excite your employees:

  • A regular supply of PURE healthy meals and snacks in-house. If you can afford the Organic meals at workplace that would be great
  • Instead of a vending machine which usually has sugary sodas, chocolates and chips, or the coffee machine, make healthy snacks available like fresh chemical-free juices, popcorn, seasonal natural drinks, dry fruits etc.
  • If you can’t install in-house juicing machine then partner with some brand serving fresh and healthy juices at the workplace like OMJOOS, a freshly pressed juice service based in Delhi/NCR
  • Ensure the availability of both hot and cold water

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Final Thoughts

Food catering at the workplace is the modern trend that a lot of companies are following. Healthy food is the solution to many problems like some of them highlighted above. So, if you want to make a positive impact not just in your workplace but the society as a whole, partner with an exemplary corporate catering service like OMKITCHEN for your regular homestyle meals and snacks service at your workplace in Delhi/NCR

Try it for a month and observe the good changes by yourself!

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