Where Book Dreams Come True – Part 2

2. Chapter 101

Chapter 101 – Image source

I would call this a boutique bookstore, a booklover’s paradise. A store that resembles an old English study with bookshelves lined with books picked up with a lot of love and care. It is a quiet space for the serious reader with no hustle and bustle around. You don’t have people walking in and out of the store, so no noise. Only peace and solitude, as though you have entered a private space, and there is no chance of any intrusion. The ambience is such that you actually tiptoe your way around. Each book is like a jewel to be handled with care.

You walk in and step into another world, another era. There is soft jazz playing in the background. Pick up a book, pour a cup of coffee for yourself and sit in a corner and read to your heart’s content. The experience is almost surreal.

The store boasts of rare collections, first-edition copies and all the classics, a beautifully curated collection from all over the world. You can spot masterpieces like those by PG Woodhouse, the Bronte sisters, Somerset Maugham, Hemingway, to name just a few.

I haven’t ever visited such a bookstore. The experience doesn’t end at books. You want bookends, bookmarks… they are right there.

It’s a store that exudes passion, spells class. It is like a booklover’s dream come true. I am sure it is Raju Singh, the owner’s dream come true. Established in 2016, no book lover who lives in Gurgaon, in particular, has any reason to miss this little piece of heaven.

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