What freedom means to Indian women | Independence Day Special #WomenSupportingWomen

As India celebrates 76 years of Independence, eShe TV puts the spotlight on what freedom means to Indian women.

Are Indian girls free to make informed choices for their lives – about work, marriage, finances, or even something as simple as what to wear? Do Indian women have freedom of movement and equal access to opportunities or even public spaces?

eShe editor Aekta Kapoor speaks to three panelists, all of whom run independent platforms to support women:

Sangeeta Duggal Relan is an associate professor at Delhi University who has taught for over 30 years. She is the founder of AboutHer, an e-magazine about women, their relationships, and their life challenges. She also runs a podcast about women trailblazers.

Dr Manisha Bose is a lecturer at Assumption University in Thailand. She is founder of We Women Network in Bangkok and chapter head of #WomenPower, a global movement.

Shweta Saxena is a Pune-based eco-entrepreneur, television personality, and the founder of Woman TV and Pune TV by Shweta Saxena, a digital channel for women across the globe. She is a branding psychologist, TEDx speaker and digital ad filmmaker.

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