A bookstore in Innsbruck, Austria, that I would love to visit at some point.

A store that dates back to 1639 when Michael Wagner got permission to print and sell books in Innsbruck.

Over the years, the store has faced many ups and downs, from ownership changes to fire to bombings during WW 2 to the pandemic. But it has not only managed to survive but thrive through all the challenges.

This book place can be any book lover’s paradise with a vast collection of books covering different genres like Literature, Travel, Children’s books, Cooking in different languages like English. Spanish. French and Italian. They have a fabulous collection of ebooks as well.

 Besides making books available to the readers, they also organise various events for them like reader trips, workshops, interactions with authors, to name a few. 

They have a fascinating concept called ‘Book a bookseller’ where a book lover can book time with a person in the store to get advice and suggestions on books with no time constraint.

They have a café on the premises called Café Momo. What is even more interesting is their magazine which provides recommendations and reviews on books. It is a good platform for readers to know about different authors, both new and old. What is more, one can choose and place an order for a book from the magazine( obviously from the e-magazine!)

This store cares for the environment and follows practices like re-using cardboard boxes and bags made from organic cotton in a world facing environmental disasters. They care about sustainability and the local economy.

At any point, they have more than 90,000 up-to-date titles in stock. Who wouldn’t want to visit this haven?!

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