6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit India During Holi

Holi is a popular Hindu festival celebrated in most parts of India during the spring season. It is a festival that signifies the triumph of good over evil and heralds the arrival of spring, the season of colour and the end of winter. It is celebrated to welcome the new season and new beginnings.

The celebrations start on the night before Holi with what is known as Holika Dahan. It is a ritual during which people gather in front of a bonfire meant to signify the destruction of evil, the burning of Holika, the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashyap. It symbolises the victory of good over evil.

The following day is celebrated as the Rang wali Holi, the festival of colours where people smear each other with colour and flowers. Among all the festivals celebrated in India, Holi is the most colourful, vibrant and joyful festival.

It is a festival that imparts a lovely message. It tells us that as on the day of Holi, when we wear white clothes in the morning which are splashed with colour as the day goes on, our life is pretty much the same. When we come into this world, our life is like an empty canvas, and as we live our lives, we fill it up with different hues, colours, joys and sorrows. So we are all given a choice to paint the canvas of our life with the colours that we want.

Holi is different, it is magical, and if you haven’t experienced it ever, you need to do it at least once. It is a festival like no other, and here is why you cannot afford to miss it. So travel to India and be a part of the Holi celebrations.

1. Get to Know India

They say the best way to understand a country is through its people. And the best time for this is when they are celebrating an occasion, a festival. With its diversity in terms of people, cultures, languages, and festivals, India is like no other place in the world. And visiting it during a festival can be an enriching experience. Holi is a festival of colours that shows that the people of this country are one; it is an instance of our unity amidst all the diversity. It is a day when people from all walks of life and religions come together, breaking all barriers, forgiving, forgetting all grudges and moving on. So whether one is a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, or a Christian makes no difference, and everyone comes out to play Holi.

2. A Unique Celebration

A unique feature of our country is that the same festival is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country, and Holi is no different. Different Staes have their own way of celebrating the festival, making the entire experience unique and distinct.

 If in UP it is celebrated as Lathmar Holi,  then in Maharashtra it takes the form of Rang Panchami, in Punjab  Holla Mohalla, in Uttarakhand  Kumaoni Holi and Kerala as Manjal Kuli. You could choose to be in any part of the country and enjoy the local flavour of the festival.

Where in the world will you find a country where the same festival is celebrated in so many diverse ways? And what is more, the way to celebrate may be different in different States, but the underlying spirit of love and togetherness remains the same. There is song; there is dance, joy and laughter all around.

3. Colour Everywhere

It is a festival like no other mainly because it is so unique in the way it is celebrated. Wherever you look around, you will see people covered in different colours; red, pink, blue, green, yellow, loving every bit of the celebration. There is joy, laughter, and a spirit of bonhomie and camaraderie. You can see people dancing away to their favourite music and making merry. And those who don’t want to play with colour do not have to be left out. They can choose to play with flowers and enjoy it as much. So everyone can choose how to celebrate this day. It is as though people are trying to fill up colours in their own lives and those of their loved ones.

4. Foods and Delicacies

Like every other Indian festival, food is an essential part of this festival. Certain delicacies are typical of Holi;gujiyas, besan ladoo, malpua -kheerDahi Bhalla, gol guppa, namak pare, and more. People either make them at home or get them from outside. These are food items that go with the tradition of Holi and are a part of every household’s menu for the day. So you play with colour, get bone-tired and then gorge on these delicacies. Believe me; your taste buds will love you for this!

5. Weather

 India, a tropical country, is known for its heat and sweat. That could be a deterrent for people wanting to visit the country. But the festival of Holi comes at a time when one doesn’t have to deal with all of that. The weather is just right as it is still cool and comfortable. The nights have a nip, and the days are just beginning to get warm but are not too hot. Summer is around the corner yet not there. Flowers are blooming everywhere; the sun is out, shining brightly but not scorchingly. There is colour everywhere, with nature and humans adding their respective bits.

6. Create Beautiful Memories

We all go on holidays to make memories, to spend exclusive time with our loved ones. Holi time in India allows you to do this in a way that you may not have done before. Splash each other with colour and flowers, enjoy the special Holi treats and make beautiful and distinct memories. Let the child in you come out as you get into the footloose and fancy-free mood.

So what stops you from visiting India during Holi. Come, make a Holi trip and fill up your life with colours, joy and laughter.

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