6 Travel Bags That are Ideal for a Weekend Getaway


  1. Travel Backpack
  2. Duffel Bag
  3. Trolley Bag
  4. Travel Tote
  5. Bike Travel Bag
  6. Other Stylish Bags for Specific Needs
    1. Baby Travel Bags
    2. Travel Shoe Bags
    3. Vacuum Bags for Travel

Traveling is probably one of the most exciting things in life if you love to explore new places, learn about new cultures, interact with people you have never met before and discover yourself in the process. However, your experience can fall flat on its face without the right travel bags, even if you are planning a short weekend getaway. From money bills, cards and important documents to clothes, shoes, medicines and toiletries, there are so many things you need to pack for a comfy and convenient getaway. And for that, you need to invest in stylish women’s travel bags that deliver well on utility too. Here are 6 types of travel bags you can consider and pick from to make your short or even overnight trips easy.

1. Travel Backpack

Available in a wide range of sizes, designs and colours, travel backpacks are perfect if you want to go camping, hiking or trekking on weekends and stay hands-free. When bought from reputed brands, these luggage bags for travel come in lightweight avatars that are easy to hoist and carry on your shoulders. They are usually crafted from water-resistant materials and have multiple compartments to organise your essentials like clothes, accessories, mobile devices, medicines, cash, hiking or trekking gear, snacks, water bottles and even shoes. The zippers and fastenings are designed so that you can access whatever you need conveniently. The shoulder straps are usually padded to keep you from buckling under the weight of these travel bags. You can choose from exciting shades like metallic grey, red, orange, electric blue, teal, and of course, black.

2. Duffel Bag

Consider duffel bags if you are looking for spacious travel bags for women that hold quite a few things for a weekend getaway. Cylindrical in shape, these bags are commonly made of canvas or a fabric that is synthetic and water-resistant. They might have a zipper or drawstring closure to keep your stuff secure. These types of bags for travel feature short handles as well as detachable shoulder straps commonly for flexible portability. While they usually have a single interior compartment, duffel bags sometimes come with exterior pockets or slots. They might be padded to keep sensitive items like laptops, smartphones or tablets safe. You can choose from neutral and timeless shades like black, tan, brown, white or grey. Or you can go for something exciting like sunny yellow, bold red, turquoise or something printed. Leather travel bags of the duffel kind also look classy, but they might be slightly heavier. Plus, you need to take good care of them if they get exposed to moisture or lie around unused for long. 

3. Trolley Bag

Don’t like carrying heavy travel bags on your shoulders or in your hands? Go for sleek and compact trolley bags with casters for easy and painless mobility. You can just pull up the top handle and move it around any way you like without worrying about the weight. Spacious and durable, these are a safe pick if you are wondering which type of bags are allowed in flight. Just remember to check the exact size specifications of the airlines you have opted for before buying a trolley bag. These often have exterior pockets to throw in something you need before rushing out of the house. Nylon, polycarbonate and polyester are the usual materials used for these. They prevent water damage, scratches and dents. And if you want an extra tough trolley bag, choose something in a polycarbonate material.

4. Travel Tote

When it comes to small travel bags for ladies, totes are a fantastic option. Generally shaped like a square or trapezoid, these are big yet chic bags with one or two main compartments to organise your things. Ideal for overnight stays, travel totes can accommodate a change of clothes, toiletries, smartphones, stationery, tablets, and medicines easily. They often have small internal or external pockets or slots to organise money bills, cards, your passport, etc. If you are looking for light and easy airbags for travel, pick up a tote in a beautiful colour like teal, yellow, wine red, cream, emerald green or navy. They feature zippered tops in most cases and might have embellishments or prints too.

5. Bike Travel Bag

Wondering “what I should look for in a travel bag” while planning to ride your bike to a nearby hill station or beach over the weekend? In that case, get special bike bags for travel made of weather-resistant materials and great for organising essentials. They are available in different sizes to suit a variety of bike models and your budget. You can go for a big double-sided bike bag if you have many things to pack, like food, water, clothes, a first aid kit, etc. They feature adjustable straps, loops and buckles, and the fabric used protects these travel bags and their contents from hot exhaust and abrasion. Zippered compartments make it easy to access whatever you need without wasting time. 

6. Other Stylish Bags for Specific Needs

Are you traveling with a baby and need to carry their stuff safely and smartly? Or maybe it’s cold, and you don’t know how to pack those fluffy sweaters and shawls for a weekend trip without lugging around a lot of luggage? Specific needs often call for special travel bags for women. So, check out these options:

Baby Travel Bags

Traveling with a baby is a lot of fun, but only if you have everything they need within easy reach. This is why trendy baby travel bags in fun colours and different sizes are available these days to make a parent’s life hassle-free. You will also find elegant pieces in pastels or with embellishments like tassels, studs etc. They come in different designs too and are easy to carry. Made from durable materials that resist liquid spills, baby travel bags are made for all weather conditions. They come with multiple compartments, pockets and slots to arrange diapers, fresh and soiled baby clothes, feeding bottles, wipes, and other baby care products. 

Travel Shoe Bags

These bags are perfect for you if you don’t like your shoes mixing with other things in your luggage or you prefer carrying multiple shoes, even on a short trip. Light and made of waterproof and dustproof fabrics, these shoe travel bags can hold multiple pairs easily. Throw them inside a trolley bag or carry them separately; they are a piece of cake.

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Vacuum Bags for Travel

A weekend getaway doesn’t necessarily mean you will be packing light. This is especially true in winters. However, carrying multiple sweaters, shawls or jackets can take up a lot of space, which is why vacuum bags for travel come in super handy. They use a simple mechanism to suck out excess air trapped in your clothes and make it easy to pack more, even in small travel bags for ladies.

To Wrap Up

It is easy to shop for stylish women’s travel bags online or offline and find exactly what you need to cut a long story short. But make sure you research well and go for well-known brands. Keep your need in mind as well as your personality and habits. Your mode of travel is another important consideration here. And do compare prices across different sellers to land a good deal.

Also, remember that buying snazzy travel bags for a weekend getaway is not enough. You need to keep them clean and maintain them well too. So, watch out for dirt marks, scratches, dents or dust and get rid of them with a soft cloth at the earliest. You can also use a slightly damp cloth to eliminate tough marks on most materials. Keep an eye out for broken zippers, torn seams or missing buttons. Getting a customised case for your travel bags is also a good idea. And if you tend to lose bags while traveling by air or train, affix neat labels or tags to your tote, duffel, backpack or anything else you are using. Finally, pack in advance and gear up for a happy and relaxed getaway.    

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