The Journey of AboutHer

The journey of AboutHer began almost four years ago. I had reached a stage and age where I had become relatively free from my maternal responsibilities and had a lot of time at my disposal. Though I was working full time, I started to feel the need to do something different, something that would enable me to express my thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

All my life, I have loved reading and somewhere, the need to write was taking root. Along with that, I have always been fascinated by women and the diverse roles which they play in their lives. I started thinking of bringing these two interests together. I felt that I wanted to write about women, their lives, challenges in a way that would guide and inspire them. It had to be something they could relate to and identify with.

So though the seed was sown when my firstborn left for college, I could reap what I had sown only much later. In between my work and life in general, I took my time to decide how I wanted to go about it. And the best way, as I discovered with help from my nephew,  Rahul, was to enter the space of blogging. I learnt that a blog would allow me to express myself freely and get others to read my writings with no conditions or restrictions.

But before I could actually start, there were some technical and logistic issues to be sorted. The first thing was the name that I intended to give my blog. That required a lot of thought as I wanted to choose a name that would resonate with women, particularly the urban Indian woman. So after several sessions of discussion with Rahul [ which were more about my leg being pulled on my choice of names) AboutHer was born.

And while all this was happening, my writing was going full speed. I was churning short stories one after the other. It was as though I had a lot to say, and having found an outlet; I couldn’t stop.

Finally came the day when my website was up and running with a few of my short stories out there for people to read. Though the sense of pride at seeing my writings in print was incredible, I was also filled with a deep sense of apprehension, nerves and stress.

Would my writings be trashed?

Would I be torn to shreds?

It was as though I was sitting on pins and needles.

 But then, slowly and gradually, I realised that many of my fears were misplaced. Though my writings were no literary wonders, they were simple, straight from the heart pieces which people could relate to. They were not only accepted but loved as well.

This gave me a lot of confidence, and I decided to continue, and as they say, the rest is history.

After that, it was and still is about changing and evolving, and reinventing. Something which started with just four sections has now expanded to include many more. There is something for everyone on AboutHer.

So whether you like to read, cook, travel, or are interested in fashion, beauty, and well-being, we have it all. Within reading too, we cover a lot from short stories [ written by yours truly} to book reviews, book store reviews, articles of general interest and more. And of late, we have started a children’s book club where children can also contribute and share their views, ideas, reviews and recommendations. It is a great place for mothers who want their toddlers to develop the habit of reading and are looking for ideas to go about it.

This journey has taught me many things. One of my biggest learnings has been that if we give ourselves the freedom to follow our heart and put in the required amount of dedication and commitment, the cocktail spells success.

Over four years, AboutHer has become a space visited by many women in India and other countries as it takes care of their interests, challenges, tastes and passions.

As for me, this journey has been an enriching and fulfilling one. It has given wings to my creativity, my imagination.

My blog, my AboutHer, is like my canvas, where I can paint pictures of my choice with colours and shades that I like. I can splash it with colours or keep it simple and subdued. It is like my oyster.

Some Reviews

Sangeeta’s stories are beautifully woven tales of empowered and inspiring women who have had to fight against many odds to achieve success. Her stories stay with a reader for a long time, and her writing style is elegant and easy to comprehend for all. Eagerly looking forward to the next one.

Dr Monica Malhotra, a virologist and an avid reader

Dear Sangeeta, Just finished reading the story of Chaitali Dutt. No way could you have written such a sensitive piece without being a complete person. You have demonstrated why in addition to teaching Economics, you should be allowed to teach Philosophy, Literature and Psychology as well.

Yadhav Mehra, Corporate Trainer

Sangeeta, I love reading the beautiful stories you pen down- They are the tales of our modern lives woven in simple words and liberated by powerful thoughts. Always find them inspirational and relatable as the various women in the stories overcome the trials and tribulations posed in their lives. Look forward to reading many more.

Anjna Kapoor, an avid reader and a voracious listener

Sangeeta a new and talented author. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect, she being a colleague and friend, but I was blown away by her repertoire and lucid telling skills. I have become completely invested am already anticipating her next endeavour.

Arijit Chowdhuri, Associate Professor

Sangeeta’s blog is a series of vignettes into our soul; her writing is a thought provoking blend of personal journeys through which she addresses issues common to women across the world. Her insights stimulate our consciousness, helping us deal with our inner and sometimes deeply hidden insecurities. It’s almost as if she relieves the burden ingrained in our souls, filling us with courage and hope.

I love the way the blog is developing- from personal ‘slice of life’ glimpses to wellness to cooking- we get a peek into the mind of a person who is perfecting the art of maximising her life.

Sonali Mohan- Admissions Consultant, Essay Mentor and Author

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