The Dogears Bookshop

One of those quaint, cosy, heartwarming bookstores that one would love to visit again and again. The Dogears bookshop located in Margao, Goa, is considered to be South Goa’s most-loved bookshop. They are known for their carefully curated selection of books for children and adults.

Queenie and Leonard Fernandes, the founders, have done something pretty revolutionary by setting up this store. From an online presence, they have moved to a brick and mortar store, which is the opposite of what others are doing today. Kudos to them.

Modelled after the Bookshop at Jorbagh, this book store intends to create a space for book lovers to meet and connect over books and book-related activities. The founders have, in fact, moved a step ahead to create a cultural space for like-minded people. Its a bookshop you can’t miss.

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