5 Best Ways to Style Your Silver Rings


  1. Pair Silver Rings for Women with Dark Solids
  2. Consider Your Clothing Type While Styling Sterling Silver Rings
  3. Combine Real Silver Rings with Yellow or Rose Gold Ones
  4. Ace The Number Game with Pure Silver Rings
  5. Silver Rings for Women Should Complement Nails and Bags

Looking great or making a lasting impression is not just about choosing a fashionable outfit or getting creative with makeup. It has a lot to do with the accessories you choose and how you put them together. And when it comes to accessories, silver rings grab eyeballs like nothing else.

What are the benefits of wearing silver rings? Well, in a country like India, where gold jewellery is still a top pick when it comes to weddings and special occasions, pure silver rings have earned a special place owing to their understated charm, versatility and attractive pricing.

 If you are wondering where you can buy fashionable sterling silver rings, the answer will delight you. You can check out reputed offline stores or go online. While that part is easy, styling silver rings might take a bit more brainstorming. But fret not. Here are 5 beautiful and smart ways to wear your silver rings and let them shine.

1. Pair Silver Rings for Women with Dark Solids

Nothing contrasts silver rings better than clothes in dark, solid hues like navy, royal blue, wine, burgundy, dark grey, emerald green, and black. The plain colour allows even the simplest silver rings to stand out and catch the eye. But even if you choose to go with some patterned fabric, you can don silver rings stylishly. For instance, if your dress, shirt or top features a delicate print, you can wear big, statement silver finger rings. They can be intricately carved or embedded with stones. And if your fabric has bold or jazzy prints, settle for a simple yet elegant ring.

2. Consider Your Clothing Type While Styling Sterling Silver Rings

Simple and sleek silver rings go well with formal attire and won’t look out of place at the office. But can you wear a silver ring every day, especially if you don’t like taking it off every time you come back home? Yes, you can, as long as it is uncomplicated and easy to keep clean. But if you are going for an ethnic outfit like salwar kameez, sari, or even a jazzy skirt, choose rings that are more ornamental or eye-catching. But make sure your outfit is entirely devoid of metallic embellishments or has only silver ones. If you are keen to rock a punk look, pair silver rings with leather jackets, preferably in black. Such rings can come with studs, edgy designs or even something as adventurous as a skull shape.    

3. Combine Real Silver Rings with Yellow or Rose Gold Ones

Whether you prefer silver oxidised rings or the conventional shiny ones, you don’t need to keep things only silver. Instead, stack them with other rings in yellow gold or rose gold shades for an interesting and unique look. Try to keep the designs or patterns simple; otherwise, the stacking might look cluttered or confusing. If you want a little sparkle, you can choose one of the rings with a single gemstone and keep the others plain.

4. Ace The Number Game with Pure Silver Rings

How do you style a silver ring when you are unsure about how many you want to wear? If you like chunky, ornate, statement or cocktail rings, wear just one on either hand. It will get the limelight it deserves and earn you compliments. Just make sure that the ring is easily visible in case you are donning flowy garments or a sari. But if your rings are mostly simple and sleek or with an odd stud or stone, you can wear more than one on different fingers. While stacking multiple silver rings on a single finger is boho chic, you can always wear single rings on other fingers. However, avoid wearing rings on all five fingers of a hand. Balance things. For instance, if you wear a silver ring on the index finger and the fourth finger of your right hand, wear another two rings on the middle finger and the smallest finger of your left hand. If you were wondering, “Which finger do we wear a silver ring?” this should clear your doubt.  

5. Silver Rings for Women Should Complement Nails and Bags

Whether you plan to style silver couple rings or standalone rings for women, ignoring your nails or the bag you will hold can spell disaster. Silver rings look best when your nails are painted in dark shades like midnight blue, black, wine red, or royal purple. If you go for silver oxidised rings, nail paint in white, pastel pink, pastel blue, and nudes can look amazing. The same goes for bags. The idea is to make sure that the rings shine and don’t merge with the backdrop or look garish. This means avoiding golden bags with silver rings. Black, tan, wine, burgundy, dark blue, pale grey, and pastels are good options. Also, go for simple, minimalistic bags so that they don’t overwhelm the rings.

Apart from the above 5 styling tips, remember to carefully pair real silver rings with other jewellery pieces. Keep the place and occasion in mind as well. For instance, if you opt for a big and jazzy cocktail ring, ditch heavy bangles and pick a pair of ornate earrings in silver. You can also pair a statement necklace with a cocktail ring and go easy on the earrings. If you want to pair the rings with beautiful silver bangles, make sure your neck and ear accessories are minimal. All in all, keep this guide handy and let your inner diva bask in an exclusive glow with timeless silver rings.

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