Sarees and Women – Part 5

How is it that this one form of attire has managed to not only survive but bind women across ages, stages and countries and continents? 

A garment that is ever so flattering and makes a woman look beautiful and sensual.

Whether she is a corporate bigwig, a homemaker or a glamour queen; whether she is sixteen or sixty; and whether she is in India or any part of the world; what makes her love this garment?

The women that I have featured this time are all of these and more. 

Read on to understand why they love wearing sarees and get inspired.

Sauma Bhattacharya

I am an educationist by profession, teaching for the last several years. I am a mother and a wife and lead a busy life trying to be all the three to the best of my ability.

Why does she love wearing sarees?

I love a blend of tradition and modernity. Therefore I try and ensure that my attire reflects this desire. What could be better than a saree to guarantee this?

The Handloom weave she loves

I enjoy all types of handloom, right from pure cotton to tussar and heavy silks. However, Bengal Dhakai is one of my favourites as it enables me to carry the sense of the roots. Cotton gadwal is also another favourite of mine as it looks elegant and is very comfortable to wear in the summers. Winters are the time to experiment with Tussar, Pashmina and heavy silks.

Tania Datta Roy

I am a career woman and a mother to a seven-year-old baby boy. I work in one of the world’s largest financial institutions as Vice President, and so far, I can say I have juggled my life successfully.

Why does she love wearing sarees?

As a Bengali, I have always seen my mother wear sarees; I guess the love for sarees is in my blood. When I wear a saree, it adds to my confidence and, at the same time, makes my roots stronger. I don’t consider a saree just as traditional attire. Saree is part of my lifestyle.

The Handloom weave she loves

While growing up, I have seen Mom collecting sarees from each State, and what a fabulous collection she had. So choosing just one weave will be difficult.

 But maybe I am biased towards weaves and looms from Assam and Bengal, and Odisha weaves, of course. They are just too intricate and beautiful, with each weave and drape telling a different story. It is a difficult choice.


I am an experienced Health Information Management Professional with expertise in IRF PPS coding. I am currently working as a Rehab Coding Auditor.

I love travelling and capturing landscapes through my lens. I moved to the US about twenty-five years ago and have been trying to put the six yards on the global map since then.

Why does she love wearing sarees?

My love for sarees started at a very young age as I saw my Amma rocking them. She wore the simplest of sarees with so much grace. I have been draping them for twenty-five years with pride in the US and have only received compliments. I hope to inspire the next generation here to drape the six yards.

The Handloom weave she loves

My favourite weave is the Kanjivaram, and I inherited the love for it from my Amma. This is the predominant saree in my wardrobe.

Jyoti Singh

I am an artist, capturing moments on canvas as I see them. I am a homemaker, fond of movies and old melodies, and now I am learning how to play the sitar.

Why does she love wearing sarees?

 I feel a Saree is the most elegant outfit out of all the outfits a woman can wear. It adds grace and style to a woman’s personality. I especially like the ones that drape well.

The handloom weave she loves

 I love linens for how they fall and drape. They are super easy to drape and look lovely.

Pratima Mathur

For the past thirty-two years, I have been in education, teaching students right from school to college and university levels. I fully believe in making learning fun and teaching a pleasure, thus being a mentor and guide to youngsters embarking on life’s journey. 

I am also a National level cricketer, an enthusiastic artist, creative decorista, a blogger and most importantly, a lifelong learner. 

I value integrity and discipline, and being in an army family has taught me both, along with resilience and devotion to my work.

Now I am playing the second innings of my life and enjoying working on interiors and landscaping projects and following my other passions of painting, gardening and writing.

Why does she love wearing sarees?

All through my life, sarees have been my go-to outfit as I feel they give you dignity, class and gentility, be it in the teaching profession or even formal army functions. It is a fascinating piece of yardage that complements most Indian women.

The Handloom weave she loves

I generally drape as per the climate, and choosing one above the others is difficult because I am a saree hoarder. But I do love kanjivarams. However, they cannot be worn all the time, so Chiffons and Kota Dorias follow a close second to Kanjivarams.

Piya Ahuja

I run an online saree brand,” Curated by Piya”. I curate and design handwoven sarees and blouses with an added twist to make them exclusive. We are shortly introducing a kurta and dupatta collection.

As a person, I see beauty in little things. I don’t just drape a saree; I revel in its weave and feel. I work hard and am passionate about everything that I do.

Why does she love wearing sarees?

 I love sarees because of their versatility. You can dress a saree up or down and wear it in so many different ways. A saree makes me feel beautiful and confident.

The Handloom weave she loves

It’s difficult to say what handloom weave is my favourite as I am a lover of handloom. But if I put my mind to choose one, I feel a handloom chanderi with Pen Kalamkari would stand at # 1.

Sangita Thakur

I am a Strategic Consultant – Communications, Content and Media – Print and Digital Media. I have more than twenty-five years of diverse experience in the Media and Communications Industry.

Why does she love wearing sarees?

I love sarees for the sheer elegance they provide to the wearer. They give a very individualistic personality to each wearer.

The handloom weave she loves

Handloom sarees are not mass-produced; hence I feel they are the ultimate couture wear. I like all weaves, and it is challenging to choose one. But if I have to choose, it would be Odisha handloom sarees.

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  • Tania Datta Roy
    October 14, 2021

    This is a beautiful collection of stories from fellow Saree lovers.. Loved it and Thanks so much for the feature..

    • Sangeeta Relan
      October 14, 2021

      I am glad you liked it. Thanks for being a part of this 💖

  • Kavita
    November 29, 2021

    Loved this post!! Sangeeta you are making this place a serious go-to, in all mood spaces! Enjoying it thoroughly!
    And kudos to all the lovely ladies who make the effort to keep this part of culture alive and rocking! Loved the pride in all your thoughts.

    • Sangeeta Relan
      November 29, 2021