Sarees and Women – Part 4

What is it about sarees and power dressing?

Power dressing is a fashion style that enables women to establish their authority in a professional and political environment traditionally dominated by men.

So to exude your power, your position a woman does not have to look like a man. She is distinct, she is different and what better way to show this than by wearing a saree?

The recent show on Netflix, Bombay Begums clearly portrays how a woman in a powerful position can make saree a statement, an assertion of her status, her stature.

Yes, we have the option of the western styles of power dressing but nothing to match our very own six-yard style.

The women featured in today’s post are all empowered women, strong and successful women who choose to wear sarees. They understand the importance of the saree in the Indian culture and are doing their bit to preserve it. Read on to know why these women wear sarees, why they love them and how comfortable they are in them.

Preeti Mahajan

I was running my IT Business for twenty years+ and then about six- seven years back I got involved with the weavers and started getting sarees made as per my designs & colours.

I also wanted to do something creative and that’s when “Mint n’ Oranges” was born. Our Tagline “Keep it Simple” resonates with my style. I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

Why she love wearing sarees?

I have always loved wearing sarees. Draping a saree instantly makes me feel more glamorous & special.

The handloom weave she loves

Sarees in Pure Chanderi are my favourite weave. I simply love the softness of the fabric & its lightweight feel. Summer pop colours & whites are my all-time go-to colours. Whenever confused about what to wear, pick up a Saree & it will pick up your mood, too 😊

Radhika Kantipudi

I am from Hyderabad, the land of Nizams. After my marriage, I lived in Hong Kong for many years and then moved back to Delhi to be with my extended family.

Proud to be a homemaker, travelling has been another passion for me, which I have done extensively, especially visiting most of the temple towns of India.

Why she loves wearing sarees?

My Passion for Textiles, especially sarees, made me curious to understand the design, motifs and story behind each weave and where it originated from. During my growing up years, I have always been in awe of this timeless six-yard piece of wonder.

After my graduation, I joined the craft council of Andhra Pradesh, now Telangana. This platform allowed me to work with artisans and interact with them and revive the dying arts and crafts of that particular region, be it the Lambadi mirror work, or, the Telia Rumaal sarees, the technique where the yarn is dipped in oil to retain the softness and then woven to a Saree. This art is now virtually dead.

Saree, for me, is an elegant piece of attire when draped by an Indian woman who has always been and is the Ultimate Epitome of Indianness and Beauty!!!

The Handloom weave she loves

I love Chanderi sarees as they are gossamer -thin. And the weaves are so beautiful!!!

Gagan Singh

I am a Corporate professional with a passion for culture, governance, diversity & CSR

Why she loves wearing sarees?

I’ve loved wearing saris right from my college days. They make me feel confident and feminine and….they never go out of fashion!

The handloom weave she loves

I wear only cottons or silks and have a weakness for the weaves from Orissa and Andhra. I like the Uppada from Andhra and the Sambalpuri from Orissa.

Anjali Singh

I’ve been a corporate woman in financial services almost my entire life and work is what consumes a lot of my life …. luckily I enjoy it and it makes me tick.

I have always enjoyed fashion and believe everyone has to evolve their own style which is a reflection of their personality. It’s especially important for women to pay attention to how they look and understand what clothes and styles suit them so they can always look their best. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good it brings out the best in you !

Why she loves wearing sarees?

I have always loved the saree as it’s one of the most elegant and graceful attire in the world …. with all the multitude of textures, designs and fabrics available there is never a problem in finding the appropriate saree for any occasion.

As a banker and corporate woman, I enjoy sarees to office as it gives a great blend of professionalism, feminity and elegance. Teamed with a string of pearls sarees are my favourite Boardroom attire. At traditional ceremonies, a more festive saree brings in the desired “dressed up” look. Depending on how formal the occasion the grandeur of the saree can be chosen accordingly.

The weave she loves

One of my favourite saree weaves and fabrics is “crepe” and I enjoy wearing all kinds of crepe sarees… printed crepes to work, simpler jacquard crepes with borders (as in pic) to lunches and elaborate designer crepes with zardozi for evening wear. It drapes beautifully with a gentle flow depending on how heavy the crepe chosen is.

Crêpe, also spelt crepe or crape (from the French crêpe is a silk, wool, or synthetic fibre fabric with a distinctively crisp and crimped appearance. The term crepe typically refers to a form of fabric associated specifically with mourning. Crêpe was also historically called crespe or crisp.

The most versatile fabric with a soft sheen, light-weight and crinkled texture is obtained primarily from silk. Crepe is known for its extremely soft, suave and sensuous appeal with a wrinkled appearance due to the unique weaving and knitting process by twisting the thin filaments of silk or any fabric. Cotton, rayon, chiffon are mostly used these days to create crepe which is why it is difficult to decode the base fabric of the crepe silhouette.

Abhisikta Dey

I am Senior Research and content consultant currently into freelance and have over fifteen years of experience with MNCs.

Why she loves wearing sarees?

I love adorning sarees as they make me feel most comfortable and elegant.

I feel that a saree is an epitome of grace and sensuality.

The handloom weave she loves

Kanjeevarams are my favourite because of the ease with which they can be draped. They are Very classy and so comfortable to drape.

Seema Verma

I am one of the few lucky people who turned my passion into my profession.. my love for baking led me to start a bakery and cafes … every day is a new day with new challenges and I get a chance to create and experiment and produce new things…this is what I love most about my work.

I love meeting new people and keeping old friendships… love travelling, shopping and of course experimenting in my home as well as bakery kitchen!!

Why she loves wearing sarees?

I think a saree is a very graceful and elegant form of attire and makes a woman look beautiful.

The Handloom weave she loves

I love mostly traditional sarees as you can see from all the pictures I have sent you. My most favourite saree is Kanjeevaram … It turns me on the most… the beautiful silk, zari and gorgeous Colors and texture of a Kanjeevaram are unparalleled !! Also the fact that I lived for a few years down south and have very close friends who are from south maybe add to my love for a Kanjeevaram 💕

Shalini Joshi

I am a Realtor and also connect small businesses to people of interest in Dallas Texas. I love reading, cooking and plants. I am also interested in spirituality and religion and their impact.

Why she loves wearing sarees?

I love Sarees as I feel they make any woman at any age feel graceful and elegant. Dress It up or make it casual the same sari can be versatile and timeless.

The Handloom weave she loves

I love all weaves but I truly love the timeless elegance and motifs plus colours of a Banarasi and softness and fall of silk.

I also love the cotton silk weaves of Bengal.

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