7 Tips for a Great Saree Experience

Wearing a saree can be a pleasurable experience, provided you do it the right way. It isn’t difficult at all; one just has to keep a few things in mind. So if you are a new convert and have decided to make sarees a part of your wardrobe, here are a few tips for you to follow. 

These simple but essential tips will make your experience memorable and something you would want to repeat.

1. Type of Saree

If you are wearing a saree for the first time, choosing an easy fabric is the first thing to do. The saree should be light and easy to drape. Anything that is thick, heavy or stiff will make the process very difficult. Therefore you must avoid it.

You could choose from fabrics like crepe, georgette, satin or linen. All of these are easy to drape, fall very well and make you look lovely. And the most important thing is that the saree in all these cases is very easy to manage.

If you want to go for cotton with the rising temperature, then choose the light, breezy numbers like KotaMangalgirimul or even cotton silk.

And in case you are okay to wear silks, then start by wearing the light soft silks or silk cottons. Don’t start your journey by wearing heavy silks.

2. Blouse

The choice of the blouse is highly critical as it can make or break your look. Whatever be the kind of blouse you choose, make sure the blouse fits you well. An ill-fitting blouse can spoil the entire look. 

As far the type of blouse is concerned there are several options to choose from. For example, you could wear a matching blouse or try a contrasting one. And then there is yet another option. You could go the unblouse way, which means you could go unconventional and wear a crop top, a t-shirt, a spaghetti or even a shirt with the saree.

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However, from the work perspective, be conventional and wear a blouse, but you could choose between the matching or the contrasting options.

 3. Petticoat

Wearing the right petticoat is another critical part of saree wearing. There are three things to keep in mind here.

 First of all, the petticoat should fit well, and for that, it has to be yours. So please do not wear your mom’s or anyone else’s petticoat. 

Then the length has to be correct. There should be no gap between where the petticoat ends and the fall of the saree begins.

And then the petticoat has to be a complete match with the saree, especially if the fabric of your saree is thin and transparent.

However, if the fabric is thick and heavy, you could get away even if the petticoat is not a perfect match.

4. Footwear

Choice of footwear is also very critical. I firmly believe that one should not wear flats with a saree; a slight heel is always required. There are two reasons for this. 

The first is that the bottom of the saree could get damaged with flat footwear. The second is that a little bit of heel adds to the grace of the saree.

You must wear heels, but the kind of heels would depend on the occasion. So if you are going to work, then don’t wear very high heels; a couple of inches is good enough. And most important, the footwear has to be comfortable because wearing it to work means you will be wearing the footwear for a long period of time. And if it is uncomfortable, it could spoil your day.

 However, if you are going to a wedding or some other formal occasion, wearing heels is a good idea.

But the essential thing is to wear your footwear before you wear the saree to get the saree length right.

5. Saree Fall

The purpose of a saree fall is to add some weight to the bottom of the saree to give it a better fall. It also adds body and form to the saree. The fall protects the saree from wear and tear and stretching.

This is especially true if the saree has a thin fabric like chiffon, crepe, georgette or even a light silk. 

And it is essential to ensure that the fall matches the saree. It should blend with the bottom of the saree.

In the case of a thick saree like a heavy silk, you could avoid the fall.

6. Lingerie

There are several options as far as the design of your blouse is concerned. But whatever design you choose, it is essential to be mindful of your lingerie, that is, the bra you choose to wear. For example, if your blouse has a low back/ wide back, make sure that no part of your bra is peeping out, as that doesn’t look very nice. 

A great option is to wear padded blouses but do make sure that the pads fit well. They should be the correct size and should be fixed well.

7. Accessories

It is always good to wear smart accessories with your saree, and one of the main accessories is the jewellery that you may choose to wear.

There are many options for this. 

For example, you could wear silver jewellery, you could wear matching beads with diamonds or gold, or you could wear just gold and diamonds. But, again, though, it is a matter of choice; whatever you do, do not overmatch or overdo. Remember ‘ Less is More’ and ‘Less is Beautiful’. Saree is an elegant form of attire, so you don’t need to clutter the look. Instead, try and keep it simple.

So, for instance, if you are wearing a blue saree, don’t wear everything matching it, like a blue neckpiece, blue earrings and bangles. Instead, either wear one or two blue accessories or break the colour by wearing a contrast. For example, you could wear a yellow/white string, but then don’t wear matching earrings, rings, or footwear. 

So go easy with matching and coordinating.

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So if you follow these simple tips, wearing a saree will become a pleasurable experience, not an unpleasant task. And you will add a versatile form of attire to your wardrobe.

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