10 Reasons Women Make Great Leaders

Leadership roles require much strength, the ability to make tough decisions, and of course, experience and knowledge. However, one thing that cannot determine a person’s capabilities is gender. But it has appeared to have played a major role in determining the world’s great leaders. According to recent reports by analyst firm, only 23 organizations present in the Global Fortune 500 list have women leaders. And this is a record! Another study reveals six women of color headed a Global 500 Business in 2021 compared to only one in 2020. Well, it is progress but does it warrant much celebration, considering gender bias still functions prominently in determining leaders of top companies?

Whenever given a chance, women leaders have weaved success stories worldwide. Moreover, if recent studies are to be considered, women possess more leadership qualities than men and have even performed better in crisis. While their potential and abilities still remain untapped, here is a list of 10 reasons that make women exceptional leaders.

1.   Women are Multitaskers

Multitasking comes naturally to women, thanks to the multiple roles they play in their lives. So, switching between various tasks and giving them equal importance is no big deal for women in leadership. Their personal life experiences encourage leadership. As a responsible daughter, wife, and mother, playing multiple roles at the same time make them capable of promptly responding to different tasks simultaneously. They also arrive at the correct decisions, a fundamental element of successful leadership.

2.    Handle Crises Better

Whether it is their ailing parents or infant kids, many women have long played the roles of caretakers in their lives. And you can bet that they have faced and dealt with crisis situations at their homes multiple times. The experiences make them more compassionate and patient, and as they climb the ladder of success, all these qualities help them to stand strong in the face of crisis without losing their mind.

3.   Women do not let their Egos Interfere

There is no denying every person has an ego, and women leaders are no exception. But what makes them great leaders is their ability to control their egos and not allow them to interfere with decision-making. This helps them to manage several high-performing teams while making the members realize the importance of teamwork. They also set examples in keeping their personal selfish goals in check for a better tomorrow.

4.   Work-life Balance is Essential for Women

Caring and motherly instincts run high in many women. As a result, they become more understanding of any personal or sensitive problem of an employee. So, instead of ranting about the importance of keeping professional and personal lives separate, they care about employee well-being and help you build a work-life balance. Sometimes, many also assume the role of mentors to guide their young team members.

5.   Women are Empathetic

Many women business leaders are found to be empathetic. Empathy helps them bond better with colleagues, ensures smooth knowledge exchange, and motivates team members to tap their potential. They are often not overtly aggressive or assertive. They know how to channel their thoughts, making women leaders easily approachable.

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6.   Women are Strong Communicators

Great leaders need to be great communicators. Without this quality, they can’t get the best out of their teams and be successful. Several studies in the past years indicated that women are better communicators. Their friendly or interactive communication style helps them have fruitful conversations with their co-workers, employees, juniors, partners, and clients. Women in leadership are able to encourage participation of others and communicate more openly and freely. This quality is also necessary to help co-workers deal with dejections and appreciate others’ hard work.

7.   Women have High Emotional Intelligence

A leader can be great only if they are emotionally available. They are able to recognize the need for the emotional stability of their peers. A controlling approach often plays havoc with a person’s mind and makes the working environment challenging that not many can cope with. It is believed that emotional intelligence generally comes more naturally to a woman than to a man, enabling inspiring women leaders to create a better workplace. Most women are, by nature, caring, and their upbringing also tends to play a major role in nurturing their caring nature.

8.   Women Encourage Free Thinking

Women are great leaders also because of their abilities to encourage free thinking. Nobody likes to be controlled or commanded, and women leaders are more receptive to this idea. That is why they inspire their people to think. After all, the more ideas, the better the chances of arriving at the best solution. Encouraging free thinking also enables them to guide their employees and maintain a positive atmosphere in the office.

9.   Women are Flexible

Women, growing up, are trained to be collaborative, cooperative, flexible, and agile. As a result, they remain open to changes and can face harsh realities in the right spirit. If women business leaders find something is not working, they are quick to bring the necessary changes in the team for the better without much deliberation or waste of time. This particular quality makes them apt for leadership roles.

10. Women are Team Players

Women leaders try not to be overbearing when it comes to handling power. Instead, they work with their team passionately and enthusiastically without making anyone feel left out. They demonstrate their willingness to serve and be served by their colleagues. Trusting their teams, women in leadership often make decisions and take risks. They stand by their teams in times of crisis and celebrate their successes. This, in turn, gives the employees the confidence and energy to walk the extra mile. Even the poor performers are encouraged in the right spirit to up their game. The result: overall better performance of the company.

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Many great women in the world, like Managing Director of IMF Christine Lagarde and Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, have already proved their mantle, inspiring many others. Women leaders feel a greater need to perform better, encouraging them to take well-calculated risks, find innovative solutions, and lead a team like a true boss. Though the world is slow in identifying the talents of women employees, they are not behind when it comes to leading by example.

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