9 Pre Holi Tips for Skin and Hair

Holi, the festival of colours is to be enjoyed to the fullest but with a little bit of care. It’s a festival where people smear colour on each other, and though that adds to the fun part, it could lead to parts that may not be fun at all. That’s because the colours used generally contain harmful chemicals that can have several aftereffects. They could lead to rashes, acne and even allergies, which in some cases could get severe. Therefore like with many other things, in this case, also, prevention is better than cure. So don’t wait for something to happen and then look for a cure. Instead, take some preventive measures to ensure that nothing goes wrong. It is always better to be sensible and practical about these things.

You can follow the simple tips listed below and ensure that no harm comes to your skin or hair while you enjoy your favourite festival.

1. Skin

The first thing to do is to protect your skin which is the first thing to come in contact with the harmful chemicals. It is essential to close all the open pores, which otherwise may absorb all the colour. A great way to do that is by using ice cubes. Before applying anything else on the face, massage your face for about ten minutes with ice cubes to close all the open pores. This will ensure that the colour does not penetrate and cause any harm to your skin.

2. Body

Holi means that not only your face but all the parts of your body that are exposed are going to be smeared with colour. And if you haven’t taken adequate care, it can be very difficult to remove all the colours later on. But you can prevent this by applying a good oil before stepping out. And make sure you apply the oil liberally all over the body. So, for example, you could choose from coconut oil/ almond oil/olive oil.

Oil will act as a protective layer and prevent the colour from sticking to the body. Use a good sunscreen after that, considering you will be out in the sun for a long time.

3.  Hair

Like your skin, your crowning glory, your hair also needs protection. The colour can cause a lot of damage to your hair, and therefore you need to protect it. The best way to protect it is by oiling it very well before stepping out. Again be very liberal when you apply the oil. And in this case, too, like with your skin, any oil should work, be it coconut, almond or olive.

4.  Nails

One of the irritating aftereffects of Holi is the way the nails get discoloured, and the colour also gets under the nail. It can be very tough to get rid of all the colours. So there are two problems which need to be dealt with separately.

To prevent discolouration of the nails, it is best to apply nail paint that acts as a barrier. And better still you could paint your nails in a bright colour to go with the spirit of the festival. 

And as far as the colour getting under the nails is concerned, you could deal with this by applying petroleum jelly or some oil under the nails. So even if the colour gets under the nail, it won’t be difficult to remove it.

5. Lips

Lips also need to be protected, and for this, you have the choice of using the good old petroleum jelly or lip gloss; both will act as a barrier and prevent the colour from sticking to the lips.

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6. Eyes

One needs to be very careful with the eyes during Holi because if the colour gets into your eyes, it can cause irritation, watering, and at times even severe damage. Therefore you need to be extra careful about them.

If you wear contact lenses, make sure you remove them when you step out to play. And in case your eyesight is very poor, then wear an old pair of glasses so that even if they break or get damaged, you won’t feel bad about it.

However, if you don’t wear glasses, you still need to protect your eyes. It always makes sense to wear a pair of old sunglasses that will protect the eyes from the colour and the sun.

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7. Hydrate

Holi comes at a time when the weather is beginning to get warm. When you step out, it may be cool, but you will begin to feel hot as the day gets along and it gets sunny. And since you will be out in the sun for an extended period, you could get dehydrated. Therefore make sure you drink lots and lots of water. 

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8. Clothes

Wear loose-fitting clothes covering a large part of your body. Remember, the more protected you are, the less the chances of colour damaging your skin. Though many people nowadays like to wear jeans and a shirt, I feel loose clothes are far more comfortable as they tend to dry faster. Tight-fitting clothes will cling to you, will not dry soon enough and can make you feel uncomfortable. So dress sensibly.

9. Stay Away from All Treatments

Last of all, don’t get any skin or hair treatments done at least three days before the day of Holi. A new hair colour may get spoilt, especially if it is light. Wait till after Holi to get it done. 

As far as facials or any kind of face treatment is concerned, again, don’t get done anything before Hoil. It makes sense to get it done after Holi so that even if your skin has been harmed by the colour, the treatment will take care of it.

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A festival is meant to be enjoyed with our friends and family. It is supposed to make beautiful memories. So, therefore, to make sure it does all of that, play Holi smartly and sensibly. Follow the tips, splash each other with colour and enjoy!

Happy Holi!!

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