Plagued by Self-Doubt? Here’s what you need to do…

In life, there are times when we are not sure of what we are doing. We are caught between the states of action and inaction. We are hesitant, doubtful, and in a situation of confusion. So while we understand that things have to be done, decisions need to be taken; we are stuck. We are constantly doubting ourselves.

So then, what should we do in such a situation?

Before we do something, we have to know that we need to get out of the situation of self-doubt. But how can that be done?

These are 5 tips that you can follow for help-  

Self Introspect

The first thing is to understand the reason behind the doubt, what is it that is causing the self-doubt; is it lack of confidence, fear of being questioned/ judged, or making a mistake?

To my mind understanding the reason is step one in the process of getting out of a situation. So be clear about your motives.

Gather information

Sometimes we are caught because we don’t have enough information to back our decision. So if that is the case, do your research and get the information. It will need effort, but in the end, it will be worth it. So when your decision is based on authentic details, you will stand by it and support it. That will take away the fear of being criticized or judged.

Follow your gut

There could be times when even if we want and try hard, we cannot get all the information we need. A decision situation may be such where all information is not available. Then what? I feel in such cases, one should follow one’s gut and do what feels right. And nine times out of ten, you will make the right decision. Gut never goes wrong.

Listen to your body

Sometimes our body also gives a signal. For example, a situation may invoke a feeling of fear, terror, or sometimes even disgust. At other times it may make us feel happy, on top of the world or relieved; whatever may be the feeling, pay heed to it.


Most of all, sometimes, one should go ahead and do it. Have the confidence to take a risk. If it is just a niggling feeling with no rational explanation, ignore it. Not every time can we have access to all information. Sometimes we also need to make a mistake to learn. Unfortunately, not every problem has the perfect solution. If an action resonates with your core values, it can never be wrong.

And never ever allow other people’s views/opinions about you to cloud your judgement. If you are a rational, aware human being, you are capable of making the right choices. And even if once in a while you do make a mistake, so what?

Don’t they say,’ To err is human?’

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