10 of Perth’s Best Independent Bookstores

Reading as a habit can never go out of fashion. Despite so many other sources of entertainment, reading is not something people are ever likely to give up. It is one of the best ways of stimulating our minds and increasing our understanding of the world. It’s an excellent stress buster without being mindless.

When it comes to reading, there are many options, from audiobooks to kindle to physical books. Though all come with pros and cons, nothing can beat the joy of holding a book and reading, turning the pages, absorbing the text and dogearing the book.

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Most of all, physical books stay with you, looking at you from the shelf, inviting you, urging you to take them out and read them.

So when you are looking for physical books, you need a bookstore, and we at AboutHer love taking you on these visits to bookstores worldwide. This time we take you to Perth to visit the ten best Independent bookstores in the city. These independent bookstores in Perth need all the encouragement and support. So if you are in the area, do visit them!

1. Diabolik Books & Records

As the name suggests, Diabolik Books & Records stocks books and records. The store has a well-curated selection of fiction and non-fiction books and a well-stocked record and gift section. The store stocks bestsellers, graphic novels, comics, and a range of musical catalogues. To top it all, they have an excellent and helpful staff who know their books and can guide you to your next read.

2. Open Book

Among the many bookstores in Perth, Open Book is one of the Best Independent Bookstores in the city. It’s a pleasure to visit the store because apart from the floor-to-ceiling collection of books from around the world, it has a beautiful terrace garden perfect for reading. The store aims to host a regular stream of classes, short courses, talks, discussions and more.

3. Crow Books

If you are looking for a book you can’t find elsewhere, then Crow Stores is where you should be headed. It’s a bookstore that’s home to bestsellers along with hard-to-find titles. Known as Perth’s Mecca of Literature, the store is open seven days a week, and you can visit them anytime. Their comfy chesterfield brown couches are the perfect place to curl up while you decide which books to take home.

4. Edicole

A bookstore that’s a treat for the eyes and the mind; that’s Edicole for you. The store has a very well-curated collection of design, art, travel, food and fiction. It can stir up your creative spirit. From new releases to old titles, they have them all.

5. Planet Books

Planet Books is not your average bookstore with the usual collection of books. Rather it stocks slightly left-wing, quirky and unique books supporting local and global writers doing things a little differently. It’s a cosy and ambient shop where you could spend hours sifting through the shelves filled with unique titles. They even have an extensive assortment of collectables and giftware that you can check between browsing for your next read.

6. Rabble Books and Games

Rabble is a family-run community book and board game shop. They have an impressive collection, especially when it comes to their children’s range, which includes books with racial and ethnic diversity, rainbow families and characters with disabilities. They also host incredible events, like story hours and authors’ conversations. Apart from this, they have a great range of comics and games.

7. Boffins Books

Boffins Books is the city’s foremost technical and speciality bookshop. Operating since 1989, it specializes in non-fiction and covers almost every topic under the sun, from books on investing to cookery to technical manuals and more. They are also expanding their fiction and children’s section. What makes the experience of visiting the store even more pleasurable is the staff, who are all passionate bookworms. So if you need a helping hand, they will know where to take you.

8. Stefen’s Books

If you are a Sci-fi and fantasy buff, you must look at Stefen’s books. The store specializes in this genre and has a fantastic collection of books on crime, horror, supernatural and folklore. The owner, Stefen, can help you look for the book you want. Whether the book is new or old or something you have never heard of, Stefen will give you great recommendations.

9. White Dwarf

White Dwarf is another science fiction and fantasy specialist with a super extensive range of books. With over sixteen years of experience, they are quite the experts when it comes to this genre. They aim to have Perth’s largest and best collection of such books.

10. New Edition

New Edition is an icon for independent bookstores in the city of Perth. Packed to the brim, they have an extensive range of great fiction and non-fiction titles. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here. If you desire to be surrounded by books of all genres, New Edition is the place for you!

You can take your pick from these bookstores in Perth. Happy bookstore visiting!

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