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The idea of sitting down with a cup of tea/coffee and a book has always appealed to me. The sheer joy of sipping your favourite beverage while immersing yourself in the words of your favourite author is like transporting yourself to a space of bliss. In the last few years, I have also added writing to this list.

And if you can do all this in beautiful surroundings, then that’s like the icing on the cake. This is what Di Ghent is for me, what it means to me, the icing on my cake.

For those who don’t know, Di Ghent is a must-try café in Gurgaon. A café that serves the most fantastic coffee and the most delectable food items, all with that special Belgian touch. It takes its name from the city of Ghent in Belgium and is as charming and pretty as the city.

The café, the brainchild of Bali Ghent, a first-time entrepreneur, is unique in terms of what it offers to its clients.  As Bali Ghent would like to say, ‘It offers German sized portions with the quality of the french.

I discovered this place pretty soon after it came into existence some eight years ago. It was one of those days when I was in the mood to spend some time with myself. I was looking for some inspiration when I saw a board that said Di Ghent. I  knew Ghent as being a place in Belgium. So what was this place?  I decided to check it out.

I walked in and realised that it was a cute little café. Yes, in those days, it was a small place. I still remember that cosy little corner by the window with the sun streaming through the glass, which I discovered that day. It was the perfect spot for a cold winter day. I grabbed it, pulled out my book and then ordered the coffee.  The coffee came in just the right sized cup. I took the first sip and decided that that was where I would have coffee in the future. And I have pretty much stuck to my resolve.

On all my subsequent visits, I would always try and grab the corner though I was not always successful. The visits also made me sample their food, which was outstanding though I still cannot pronounce most of the names. But that’s ok because most of what is served is delicious, to say the least.

Let’s start from the very beginning….

The breakfast; this meal is absolutely fantastic, a meal that can pull you out of bed on the weekend. And for someone like me, for whom breakfast is the best meal of the day, it is like a dream come true. From the croissants to the waffles, crepes, bagels, and various forms of eggs,  one is really spoilt for choice.

At other meal times, too, there is a lot of variety in pasta, paninis, grills, soups, salads,  bakes and mouth-watering desserts.

And for in-between fillers, there are several options in terms of tea, coffee, shakes and juices. You can also take your pick from their cakes and cookies.

Though many eating places can serve good food, Di Ghent also has a beautiful ambience to go with it. And the two together make the place pretty irresistible.

The décor has a lovely, warm, earthy feeling to it. Different kinds of seating options[ which are not always comfortable!!], windows with light streaming make it a cheerful and happy place. Added to that are the plants placed all around and then the books. Beautiful wooden bookshelves with Bali’s own books make the place cosy and homely. Then there is the artwork on the walls adding another element of cheer. The quaint bulbs hanging from the ceiling, the staff’s smiling faces, the special handwritten menu on the wall, and the bill in a cup with coffee beans all add to the charm.

With so much to offer, is it a wonder then that Di Ghent has become one of the most sought after cafes in Gurgaon. And what I love is the fact that even though it has become bigger, one can still find a quiet spot to be with oneself.

So yes, it is a popular cafe, but it is more than that. Apart from good food and ambience Di Ghent believes in giving back to the community of which it is a part. They organise various events like jazz nights, where the audience can sing along, a creative kids club that allows children the creative freedom to showcase their talent on the Di Ghent stage. They also regularly organise tastings, conversations about life and food and have meaningful engagements with the community.

So it is not just about the food but a lot more—a lot more which very few in the business have thought of doing.

It’s a place where you go once and then keep going back.

[ just do something about the heavy door!!]

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