10 Activities to Grow Your Mother-Son Relationship

Mothers and sons have a special bond. It is quite different from anything else. Moms are the ones who tend to their little sons when they are unwell; they are there to wipe their tears when they scrape their knees. Moms are there to lend an ear when a friend is being mean or a girlfriend walks away. Moms are always there when times are hard. So why not strengthen this bond by doing activities together where it is just the two of you?

On this Mother’s Day, we give you some options for you to explore and become even closer. These are all tried and rested, as I have done all this with my boys.

Here is a list of ten activities that you can choose from to strengthen the mother-son relationship-

1. Do a Buddy Read

If you both like to read and like the outdoors, then you pick up your current read and some coffee and go and sit in a nearby park. Enjoy the breeze and the book. In between sips of coffee, discuss the book. It’s a great way to bond. I do it with my son!

2. Go Out for a Meal

In between a busy day, take time out and head out to your favourite restaurant and enjoy the meal. Mealtimes are a great time to sit, chat and bond with the child. Better still, order each other’s favourite dishes! This especially works when something is playing on the child’s mind, and he cannot express himself amidst everyone else in the house. By stepping out and being in a different environment, he will open up and share.

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3. Go to the Gym Together

Going to the gym and exercising together is another great option. You can catch up in between the exercise. And more than anything else, just the fact that you are together doing the same thing can help bond.

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4. Cook Together

If cooking is your thing, dig out a recipe, get all the ingredients, and enter the kitchen. Put it all together, and even if the dish is a disaster, so what?! You got to spend time together!

5. Play a Video Board Game

Depending on what you feel like, you could pick one of the two. The hits and the misses, the wins and the losses, will make you laugh and love each other a bit more.

6. Watch a Movie

There are some movies based on true stories that I am sure you both love. Even if you have watched them hundreds of times, each time, trust me, will be different and a lot of fun.

7. Go for a Walk

Walking together is another time when you can catch up and share things. For example, with a younger child, you could play a game, kick a ball, or choose another way to be together. Outdoors is a great place to be together.

8. Go Shopping

Getting someone else’s perspective is always a good idea, especially if you buy things for the house. So let your child, too, feel a part of the process by taking him with you and letting him share his views and ideas. When you buy something that they suggest, the reaction, trust me, is well worth it!

9. Re-Do the House

Here I don’t mean the big stuff but just re-doing and re-arranging a few things. Changing the setting, dusting the curios, and changing the cushions, throws, and bedspreads can be a lot of fun. This will encourage him to think and use his imagination.

10. Start a Journal

Start a journal where you write back and forth to each other. Tell your son everything you like about him, so simply write about your day. You could even list all the activities you want to do together. Sometimes children find it easier to express themselves when they are not face-to-face with an adult. You will be surprised by the things he is willing to share with you. This has the added benefit of giving him the opportunity to practice his reading and writing.

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These activities could be a great way to build a wonderful mother-son relationship. Enjoy these fun activities with your son on Mother’s Day and every other day too!!

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