Beautiful Miss World Winners (1951-2021) Version 3

Beauty, as they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. Different people have different ways of looking at it. It is possible that what seems beautiful to one may not be so attractive to another.

But several times, some standard parameters are used to judge people where by and large most people reach a consensus about beauty and its forms.

Beauty pageants use these standard parameters to judge beautiful women. I have always been intrigued by women who have made it to this spot and wondered what helped them get to the top. Was it beauty, confidence, intelligence, presence of mind or something else?. Also, how have the judgement criteria changed over the years, and how have the women changed? My research shows that though earlier the focus was only on physical attributes, now several other qualities are also considered, like leadership, ambition, academic accomplishments and others.  

Among all the beauty pageants, Miss World is the oldest running international beauty pageant, created in 1951 in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley. Along with Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth, this pageant is one of the Big Four International Beauty Pageants.

 To find answers to some of those questions, I went back in time to compile a list of all the beautiful women who have won the title of Miss World right from the time of its inception till now.

Note: The Miss World pageant was not held in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miss World List:

1. Miss World 2021: Karolina Bielawska

  • Place of Birth: Lodz, Poland
  • Profession: Model

Karolina Bielawska was the second woman from her country to win the title of Miss World. A beauty with brains, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences from the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering of the Lodz University of Technology. She won the title in March 2022 at the San Juan, Puerto Rico pageant. Before that, she had won the Miss Polonia title in 2019.

2. Miss World 2019: Toni Ann Singh

  • Place of Birth: Morant Bay, Jamaica
  • Profession: Graduate in Psychology and Women’s Studies

Toni is the first black woman to win the title after 2001 when Agbani Darego of Nigeria was crowned Miss World. Her victory also marks the first time in history that black women won all five major beauty pageant crowns ( Miss USA, Miss Teen America, Miss America, Miss World and Miss Universe). 

3. Miss World 2018: Vanessa Ponce de Leon

  • Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Profession: Model

Vanessa is the first Mexican to be crowned Miss World. This Miss World 2018 winner is not just a pretty face- she holds a degree in International Business and is passionate about volunteering for real causes. She is on the Board of Directors of a rehab centre for girls and is involved with organizations that support people with disabilities. She was also the winner of Mexico’s Next Top Model in 2014.

4. Miss World 2017: Manushi Chhillar

  • Place of Birth: Haryana, India
  • Profession: Studying to be Doctor

 Manushi was crowned Miss World at the Miss World pageant held in Sanya, China. She is the sixth woman from India to have won the title. The Miss World 2017 is an excellent Kuchipudi dancer trained under the legendary dancers Kaushalya Reddy and Raja and Radha Reddy. Being fond of dramatics, she also attended the National School of Drama. She was crowned Femina Miss India 2017 before she won the title of Miss World.

5. Miss World 2016: Stephanie Del Valle

  • Place of Birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Profession: Student; Studying Law and Communication

Stephanie was crowned Miss World in December 2016 at the Miss World pageant in Washington, DC, US. Not only is she beautiful but also graceful and intelligent. She is presently studying at Pace University, New York City.

6. Miss World 2015: Mireia Lalaguna

  • Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain
  • Profession: Model

She was the first woman from Spain to win this title at the Miss World pageant in Sanya, China. She is beautiful and brainy and has a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She has also won titles like Miss World Spain 2015 and Miss Atlantico International 2014.

7. Miss World 2014- Rolene Strauss

  • Place of Birth: Volksrust, South Africa
  • Profession: Model

This blue-eyed beauty won several titles before being crowned Miss World in 2014 at the Miss World pageant in London, UK. She won the Elite Model Look, South Africa title when she was only 15 years old and is the Chairperson of The Strauss Foundation, a non-profit organization.

8. Miss World 2013 – Megan Young

  • Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia, US
  • Profession; Actor, Beauty Queen, Host, VJ, Model and Peace Ambassador

This multi-talented woman wears several hats and, apart from everything else, has even pursued a course in film-making. She was crowned Miss World at the pageant held in Indonesia in September 2013. She had previously won the title of Miss World Philippines 2013 and supported the newspaper The Sun in their relief work for the typhoon survivors in the Philippines.

9. Miss World 2012 – Yu Wenxia

  • Place of Birth: Shangzhi, Heilongjiang, China
  • Profession: Actor, TV Host, Singer and Model

Yu Wenxia was crowned Miss World in August 2012 at the pageant in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China. An expert in Chinese folk songs, she also won the title of Miss Talent in the pageant. She was also crowned Miss China World 2012 and has appeared in the movie The Transporter Refueled.’

10. Miss World 2011 – Ivian Sarcos

  • Place of Birth: Guanare, Portuguesa, Venezuela
  • Profession: Model

Ivan is a self-made woman who has seen many hardships in life. She became an orphan when she was only eight years old and was brought up in a convent at Cojedes by nuns. She was crowned Miss World at the pageant held in London, UK, in November 2011 and has won several other titles like Miss World Venezuela and The Most Beautiful Face.

11. Miss World 2010: Alexandria Mills

  • Place of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, US
  • Profession: American TV Host

Alexandria is the third American woman to have been crowned Miss World. She was crowned at the pageant held in Sanya, China, in October 2010. Modelling from a young age, she wanted to become a teacher but decided to become a model. An outgoing person, she loves photographing landscapes.

12. Miss World 2009: Kaiane Aldorino

  • Place of Birth: Gibraltar
  • Profession: Mayor of Gibraltar

A Miss World who became the Mayor of Gibraltar; no small achievement! Kaiane was crowned Miss World in December 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Before that, she had won the title of Miss Gibraltar in the same year. Not only is she into politics, but she is a great dancer too. She was a part of Gibraltar in the Formation category at the 2008 International Dance Organisation World Showdance Championships.

13. Miss World 2008: Ksenia Sukhinova

  • Place of Birth: Nizhnevartovsk, Russia
  • Profession: Model

She was crowned Miss World in December 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and had won other titles before that, like Miss Tyumen and Miss Russia 2007. She has been into sports all her life and has participated in callisthenics, swimming and biathlon.

14. Miss World 2007: Zhang Zilin

  • Place of Birth: Weihai, Shandong, China
  • Profession: Actor, Singer and Fashion Model

A multi-talented person Zhang was crowned Miss China World in 2007 before she won the Miss World title at the pageant in Sanya, China, in December 2007. She has made a mark in academics as well as sports. She has a degree from the University of Science and Technology Beijing and also received the Sports Advanced Distinction Award from her University. She lent her voice for the 2008 Summer Olympics soundtrack and appeared in the Beijing Welcomes You music video.

15. Mis World 2006: Taťána Kuchařová

  • Place of Birth: Tmava, Czechoslavakia
  • Profession: Actor, Dancer and Model

She is the first woman from the Czech Republic to have won the title. She was crowned the Miss Czech Republic in 2006 before being crowned Miss World at the pageant in Warsaw, Poland. She has also appeared in fashion videos for Fashion TV.

16. Miss World 2005: Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir

  • Place of Birth: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Profession: Anthropologist, Lawyer, Model, Actor, TV Personality, Master of Ceremonies.

This pretty lady was crowned Miss Iceland in 2005. She went on to win the Miss World title in the contest held in Sanya, China, in December 2005. Not only did she make a name for herself in the world of fashion and beauty but also in academics. She is a lawyer and an anthropologist and has also served as a police officer at Keflavik International Airport. She is into movies and dance and enjoys playing the piano. Other than that, she also likes camping, hiking, and horse riding.

17. Miss World 2004 – María Julia Mantilla

  • Place of Birth: Trujiilo, La Libertad, Peru
  • Profession: Actor, Dancer, Model and Teacher

Crowned Miss World at the pageant held in Sanya, China, Maria has several interests. Interested in sports and academics, she wanted to be a high school teacher and then wanted to start her own online tourist company. She was elected National Athlete of the tear in 2001 and was the Peruvian National Champion of Triathlon and Pentathlon. She is a professional Marinera Dancer and is interested in charity as well.

18.  Miss World 2003: Rosanna Davison

  • Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Writer and Model

A Miss Ireland in 2003, she was crowned Miss World at the pageant held in Sanya, China, in December 2003. A daddy’s girl, her musician father, Chris de Burgh, wrote a song, For Rosana, for her. She has an Arts degree in Sociology and Art History from University College Dublin. Intending to be a nutritional therapist, she took a part-time course in Dublin. She has also authored a bestseller, Eat Yourself Beautiful.

19. Miss World 2002: Azra Akın

  • Place of Birth: Almelo, The Netherlands
  • Profession: Actor, Dancer and Model

Crowned Miss world in London in December 2002, Azra had previously won the Miss Turkey title in 2002. She has acted in several movies and hosted many TV shows. She is a fantastic dancer and has won Yok Boyle Dans, the Turkish version of the TV show Dancing With the Stars.

20. Miss World 2001: Agbani Darego

  • Place of Birth: Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Profession: Model

Agbani was the first native African to win the Miss World title in Sun City, South Africa, in November 2001. Before that, she had won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in 2001. She has modelled for brands like Dior, Sephora, L’Orelal, Avon and many others. She has also appeared in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Essence and others. She also has a degree in Psychology from New York University.

21. Miss World 2000: Priyanka Chopra

  • Place of Birth: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Film producer, and Philanthropist.

She won the title in London in November 2000. She is a well-known actor who has won several awards for acting- one National film award and five Filmfare Awards. She has been awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award from the Government of India, for her contribution to the field of Arts. She has also been named one of the ‘100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. She has a foundation- The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education, that provides educational and healthcare aid to underprivileged children across India.

22. Miss World 1999: Yukta Mookhey

  • Place of Birth: Bangalore, India
  • Profession: Actor, Model and Politician

Yukta was crowned Miss World at the pageant held in London in December 1999. She took to acting and modelling after winning the title and has starred in several movies. Apart from that, she also studied Hindustani classical music. She is involved in many social and charitable causes and signed up to donate her eyes in 2010. She is currently a member of the Bhartiya Janata Party, a political party in India.

23. Miss World 1998 : Linor Abargil

  • Place of Birth: Netanya, Israel
  • Profession: Lawyer, Actor and Model

A woman who can be an inspiration to many a young girl and many a rape victim, Linor was raped at knifepoint by her travel agent, Uri Shlomo Nur, while in Italy. Though she reported the incident to the Italian authorities, nothing much could be done about it. She then turned to the Israeli authorities, who supported her and issued an arrest warrant for Nur. He was convicted and then sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment.

Shortly after the rape, Linor was crowned Miss World in November 1998 in Mahe Island, Seychelles. This helped her raise her voice against sexual violence. A documentary named Brave Miss World, which is about her, was released in 2013. She is an undergraduate from Netanya Academic College and part of the Israeli Bar.

24. Miss World 1997: –Diana Hayden

  • Place of Birth: Hyderabad, India
  • Profession: Actor and Model

Diana earned the Miss World title in November 1997 in Baie, Lazare, Seychelles. Before that, she had won the Femina Miss India title in 1997. She has acted in a few films, participated in a few TV shows, and authored the book A Beautiful Guide about grooming and personality development.

25. Miss World: 1996: Irene Saliva

  • Place of Birth: Athens, Greece
  • Profession: Model

Irene was crowned at the Miss World pageant held in Bangalore, India, in November 1996. She was just 18 at the time. After winning the title, she went on to pursue a career in modelling and TV. She has participated in some of the biggest fashion shows in Milan, Athens and Munich.

26. Miss World: 1995: Jacqueline Aguilera

  • Place of Birth: Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela
  • Profession: Model

 Jacqueline won the Top Model of the World title in 1995 and then went on to win the Miss World title in the pageant held in Sun City, South Africa, in November 1995. She now runs a modelling agency in Venezuela.

27. Miss World 1994: Aishwarya Rai

  • Place of Birth: Mangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Profession: Actor and Model

This light-eyed beauty from India was crowned Miss World 1994 in Sun City, South Africa, in November 1994. One of the most beautiful Miss World winners, she has been called ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’. She is an extremely successful actor who has received two Filmfare Awards. The Government of India awarded her the Padma Shri in 2009. She is a part of several humanitarian organizations like The Eye Bank Association of India and the Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS). She was the first actor from India to be a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival.

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28. Miss World 1993: Lisa Hanna

  • Place of Birth: Jamaica
  • Profession: Politician

Lisa was crowned Miss World in Sun City, South Africa, in November 1993. She had won the Miss Jamaica World title before that. She took to politics after winning the title and is a Member of Parliament for Saint Ann South East. She served as Jamaica’s Minister of Youth and Culture from 2012 to 2016.

29. Miss World 1992: Julia Kourotchkina

  • Place of Birth: Shcherbinka, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
  • Profession: Actor and Model 

 She was crowned at the pageant held in Sun City, South Africa, in December 1992 and has modelled for several major brands and acted in several films.

30. Miss World 1991: Ninibeth Leal

  • Place of Birth: Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
  • Profession: Model and Businesswoman

She won the title in December 1991 in the pageant in Georgia, US. She defeated 78 participants to claim the crown.

31. Miss World 1990: – Gina Tolleson

  • Place of Birth: Spartanburg, South Carolina, US
  • Profession: Model

Before being crowned Miss World in London in November 1990, Gina had also won other titles. She had won the title of Miss World American 1990 and Miss South Carolina USA 1990. She has worked as a model for several reputed brands.

32. Miss World 1989: Aneta Kręglicka

  • Place of Birth: Szczecin, Szczecin Voivodeship, Poland
  • Profession: Dancer

She is the first and only woman from Poland to be crowned Miss World and was crowned in November 1989 in Hongkong. Before winning this title, she had been crowned Miss Polonia in 1989. She has a degree in Economics, is also a professional dancer, and was part of the professional dance group at Gdansk University.

33. Miss World 1988: Linda Pettursdottir

  • Place of Birth: Husavik, Iceland
  • Profession: Businesswoman, writer

Linda was crowned Miss World in London in November 1988. She was also crowned Miss Iceland in the same year. She owned a spa for over 20 years, but it had to be shut down in 2014. She published her autobiography in 2003.

34. Miss World 1987: Ulla Weigerstorfer

  • Place of birth: Bas Aussee, Styria, Austria
  • Profession: TV host and Model

She was named Miss World in London in November 1987, has been a TV host and has also hosted a sports program on the radio. Other than that, she has authored a few books on cosmetics and is also involved in her country’s politics. She also owns horses and likes to show jump.

35. Miss World 1986: Giselle Laronde

  • Place of Birth: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Profession: Model

Giselle was crowned Miss World in November 1986 in London. She was the first woman from Trinidad and Tobago to win the title. She also won the title of Miss Trinidad and Tobago world in 1986. Keen on academics she got a degree in Sociology and Communication from the University of London and worked as a corporate communications manager with Angostura Ltd. She was awarded the Chaconia Medal, and a BWIA plane was named after her. 

36. Miss World 1985: – Hólmfríður Karlsdóttir

  • Place of Birth: Iceland
  • Profession: Model

She was crowned in London in November 1985. She works in a local kindergarten in Iceland.

37. Miss World 1984: Astrid Carolina Herrera

  • Place of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Profession: Actor

Astrid was crowned Miss World in November 1984 in London. She also received the Photogenic Award during the contest and was also named Miss World Americas.

38. Miss World 1983: Sarah-Jane Hutt

  • Place of Birth: Britain
  • Profession: Model

Sarah, one of the most beautiful women to have won the title, was crowned Miss World in November 1983 in London.

39. Miss World 1982: Mariasela Álvarez 

  • Place of Birth: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Profession: Architect, TV Host

She was crowned Miss World in November 1982 in London. She, too, wears several hats and has been part of many TV shows, some of which went on to win awards. As an architect, she built several buildings in her country, such as the Torre Cristal. She even founded a home for orphans and HIV children in Santo Domingo.

40. Miss World 1981: Pilín León

  • Place of Birth: Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela
  • Profession: Writer

 She was crowned Miss World in November 1981 in London. Before that, she had won the title of Miss World Venezuela in 1981. She was the first one to switch on the Christmas lights in Oxford Street in 1981.

41. Miss World 1980: – Gabriella Brum And Kimberley Santos

Gabriella Brum

  • Place of Birth: Germany
  • Profession: Model

Kimberley Santos

  • Place of Birth: Guam, US
  • Profession: Guardian ad litem

Gabriella was crowned in London in November 1980. But within 18 hours of being crowned, she resigned, stating that her boyfriend was against her holding the title. She said this was due to the intense pressure from the media. But some reports also said that she had posed nude for a magazine which was against the rules of the pageant.

The crown was then handed over to Kimberley. But tragedy struck when her boyfriend shot himself on hearing the news of her signing a contract to go to Japan. Kimberley was devastated by this and took a long time to get over the shock. She took to charity after that, caring for children in the care of Guam’s social services.

42. Miss World 1979: Gina Swainson

  • Place of Birth: Bermuda
  • Profession: Model

Crowned Miss world in London in November 1979, Gina had also won the Miss Bermuda 1979 title. She was honoured by her country by putting her image on the country’s postage stamps.

43. Miss World 1978: Silvana Suárez

  • Place of Birth: Cordoba, Argentina
  • Profession: Actor and Model

 Silvana won the title at the pageant held in London in November 1978 and is the second Argentinian woman to win this title.

44. Miss World 1977: Mary Stävin

  • Place of birth: Orebro County, Sweden
  • Profession: Actor and Model

Mary was crowned Miss World in London in November 1977. After her win, she worked in several films, including two James Bond movies- Octopussy and A View to a Kill. She has also released two music videos and an exercise video.

45. Miss World 1976: Cindy Breakspeare

  • Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession: Jazz musician and Model

She became Miss world in November 1976 at the pageant held in London. She was a model and a famous jazz musician and has worked as a recording artist.

46. Miss world 1975: Wilnelia Merced

  • Place of Birth: Puerto Rico
  • Profession: Actor and Model

She was crowned at the pageant held in London in November 1975. She has worked as a model and an actor and has acted in several films. She also founded a charity for the underprivileged children of Puerto Rico.

47. Miss World 1974: Helen Morgan

Helen Morgan

  • Place of Birth: Walsall, England
  • Profession: Actor, Model and TV host

The Miss World pageant of 1974 took place in November in London, where Helen was crowned Miss World. But she was forced to resign after four days when the media discovered she was an unmarried woman with an 18-month-old child. Though this was not against the rules, the organizers did not want to be embarrassed and put pressure on her to resign.

Helen was succeeded by Anneline, the second woman from South Africa to win the title. Keen on modelling; she worked with the Johny Casablanca Model Management Agency after her win.

48. Miss World 1973: Marjorie Wallace

  • Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Profession: Actor, TV Host and Model

Marjorie was the first woman from the US to win the Miss World title in London in November 1973. But 104 days after winning, she was stripped of her title for not’ fulfilling the basic requirements of the job’. She was reportedly engaged to Formula One driver Peter Ravson. She also had an affair with the singer Tom Jones and was seen getting intimate with him on a beach in Barbados. Since this violated the terms of her contract, she was asked to step down. Fifteen days after she did that, Revson was killed in a crash. It was a rude shock for her, and she went into depression. She even tried taking her life but was saved by her sister.

Apart from modelling, she also acted in several TV shows like Baretta, And get Christie Love! and hosted some shows.

49. Miss World 1972: Belinda Green

Place of Birth: Australia

Belinda was crowned Miss World in London in December 1972 and was the second woman from her country to win this crown.

50. Miss World 1971: Lúcia Petterle

  • Place of Birth: Brazil
  • Profession: Doctor

Lucia was crowned Miss World at the pageant held in London in November 1971. A doctor by profession, she greatly cares for underprivileged children providing them medical care when required.

51. Miss World 1970: – Jennifer Hosten

  • Place of Birth: St. George’s, Grenada
  • Profession: Radio Announcer, Diplomat, Author, Development Worker and Model.

 Before being crowned Miss World in November 1970 in London, Jennifer won the title of Miss Grenada in 1970. She attracted some controversy over her win when it was rumoured that one of the judges, who happened to be the Prime Minister of her country, had influenced the decision in her favour. She worked for BBC’s Caribbean Radio Service and later became a flight attendant. She published her autobiography Beyond Miss World in 2008. 

52. Miss world 1969: Eva Rueber-Staier

  • Place of Birth: Bruck der Mur, Austria
  • Profession: Actor, TV Host and Model

Eva was crowned Mis Austria before she went on to claim The Miss World title in London in November 1969. She took to modelling and acting after her win. She has acted in three James Bond movies- The Spy Who Loved MeFor Your Eyes Only and Octopussy, and is also into art and sculpture.

53. Miss World 1968: Penelope Plummer

  • Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
  • Profession: Librarian, Actor and Model

Penelope was crowned Miss World in November 1968 in London. After her win, she appeared in the 1969 Bob Hope Christmas Show. She took to modelling and acting later on and also worked as a librarian.

54. Miss World 1967: – Madeline Hartog-Bel

  • Place of birth: Camaná, Arequipa, Peru
  • Profession: Model

The Miss World pageant of 1967 took place on November 16, 1967. Madeline was named the winner. She was also a semi-finalist in the Miss Universe 1966 contest.

55. Miss World 1966: Reita Faria

  • Place of Birth: Goa, India
  • Profession: Doctor and Model

Reita was the first Indian and Asian to win the crown of Miss World in November 1966 in London. Before that, she was crowned Miss Bombay 1966 and Eve’s Weekly Miss India 1966. After winning the title, she went on to get her MBBS degree and then went to London to study at King’s College Hospital.

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56. Miss World 1965: Lesley Langley

  • Place of Birth: Weymouth, UK
  • Profession: Actor and Model

She was named Miss World in November 1965 at the pageant held in London. She worked in a few films and was featured on Weymouth’s Official Holiday Guide cover.

57. Miss World 1964: Ann Sidney

  • Place of Birth: England
  • Profession: Actor and TV Host

Ann was named Miss World in November 1964 in London. She took to acting in movies after that. Some of her well-known films include ‘The Avengers‘, ‘Performance‘ and ‘Are You Being Served‘? She also appeared in several musicals and Christmas pantomimes. She was the lead singer at MGM Grand Las Vegas.

58. Miss World 1963: Carole Joan Crawford

  • Place of Birth: Jamaica
  • Profession: Model

Carole was named Miss World in London in November 1963. So proud was her country of her that the Jamaica post issued a set of stamps imprinted with her picture.

59. Miss World 1962: Catharina Lodders

  • Place of Birth: Haarlem, the Netherlands
  • Profession: Model

Crowned in London in November 1962, Catharina had previously been crowned Miss Holland.

60. Miss World 1961: Rosemarie Frankland

  • Place of Birth: Wales
  • Profession: Actor and Model

An earlier Miss Wales, she was crowned Miss World in November 1961 at the pageant held in London.

61. Miss World 1960: Norma Cappagli

  • Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Profession: Model

Norma was crowned in November 1960 in London. Before that, she had won the title of Miss Argentina World 1960.

62. Miss World 1959: Corine Rottschäfer

  • Place of Birth: The Netherlands
  • Profession: Model

Corine was the first woman from her country to be named Miss World at the pageant held in London in November 1959. She was an extremely successful international model who also floated her modelling agency in Amsterdam.

63. Miss World 1958: – Penelope Anne Coelen

  • Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa
  • Profession: Actor and Model

 Penelope was crowned Mis. World in London in October 1958. She started her line of clothing and beauty products after winning the title.

64. Miss World 1957: Marita Lindahl

  • Place of Birth: Finland
  • Profession: Model

 She was the first Finnish woman to win the title of Miss World. She was crowned at the pageant held in October 1957 in London.

65. Miss World 1956: Petra Schürmann

  • Place of Birth: Germany
  • Profession: Actor, Model, Writer and TV Presenter

She won the title in October 1956 in London, and after winning it, she worked in movies, radio, and television and wrote a few books.

66. Miss World 1955: Susana Duijm

  • Place of Birth: Aragua De Barcelona, Venezuela
  • Profession: Actor, TV Host and Model

Aragua was crowned Miss World in London in October 1955. Before that, she also won the title oF Miss Venezuela in 1955. She was the first Venezuelan and Latin American to win the crown; she worked in several TV shows and movies after winning the title.

67. Miss World 1954: Antigone Costanza

  • Place of Birth: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Profession: Designer and Model

 She was named Miss World in October 1954 in London. She was a very successful model, and in her later years, she also ran an interior designing company.

68. Miss World 1953: Denise Perrier

  • Place of Birth: Amberjeu-en-Bugey, France
  • Profession: Actor and Politician

She won the title in October 1953 in London. Before that, she won the title of Miss France in 1953. She worked in several movies, notable of which was the James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever. Shew was also an active politician.

69. Miss World 1952: May-Louise Flodin

  • Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Profession: Model

She was named Miss World in November 1952 in the city of London. Before that, she had won the title of Miss World Sweden in 1951.

70. Miss World 1951: Kiki Håkansson

  • Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Profession: Model 

Kiki was the first Miss World of the world. Before winning Miss World, she had won the title of Miss Sweden 1951. She was a trendsetter in many ways. Not only was she the first Miss World ever, but she also wore a bikini for the pageant, something which shocked the conservatives. As a result, she was banned by the Pope and bikinis were banned in the pageant held in 1952. Though later on, the bikini was reintroduced, Kiki remains the one in the history of the contest to have been crowned wearing a bikini.

These are women from different parts of the world who have broken many a barrier, many a tradition to follow their passion, their heart. We can all take inspiration from and follow our dreams. They are beautiful women who did not just rest on their laurels but chose to contribute to society and the world in many different ways.


1. India and Venezuela are the two countries which have the most Miss World winners. They have six each.

2. Wilnelia Merced was the youngest ever winner. She was only 18 years old when she won the title.

3. India’s Aishwarya Rai is often considered to be the most beautiful winner from India. 

4. Amongst all the winners Susana Duijm from Venezuela and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from India are considered to be among the most beautiful.

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