Miscellaneous Health Tips

Sometimes, knowledge about the simple things around us can help us take care of issues we face in our busy lives.

Sharing the benefits of some of these commonly available foods-

Nuts: Nuts of all kinds are rich in calcium and magnesium, and they help promote sleep.

Chamomile Tea: It has treated insomnia for thousands of years.

Bananas: Eating bananas boosts concentration and reduces stress and anxiety, resulting in a happy you.

Onions: Eating raw onions in the summer cools the body and saves you from sunstroke/heatstroke. Raw onions with a meal strengthen the nervous system and help in curing Parkinson’s disease.

Fennel Seeds: Half roasted fennel seeds ( which cool the body) and carom seeds ( which warm the body), taken post a heavy meal, helps in digestion.

Turmeric: A commonly used spice heals internal wounds and ruptured muscles very quickly.

Pumpkin: Grated pumpkin can be used to make a pudding with milk which can help heal piles. Pumpkin seeds work as a prophylactic against prostate problems in men due to the high zinc content.

Asparagus: It helps in curing arthritis, rheumatism and kidney pains. Raw asparagus juice breaks up oxalic acid crystals.

Clove: Sleeping with a clove in the mouth not only cures acute toothache but also helps you cut down on smoking.

– Anaisha Sukh

These tips are shared by Ma Earth Botanicals; a company committed to nature-inspired wellness. They combine timeless natural remedies with signature Aromatherapy to balance your body’s earth, wind, fire, water, and ether.

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