Book Review- MIRA

The book is the story of Mira and the journey of her life. Mira, the protagonist, is forced to make some bold and brave choices in her life but has to pay the price for them.

The book reveals several aspects of human behaviour which are pretty hard-hitting. First, it depicts what suppressing a child’s emotions, and desires can do to him. Both Mira and Vansh are the result of this.

The book gives a very realistic account of Mira’s life, her struggle and then the aftermath of the struggle. Related in a simple, lucid manner, the story and its characters are relatable. The reader can identify with them because they are ordinary people with good and bad sides. Nisha does not shy away from exposing their dark sides to the reader.

The book also depicts our contemporary society and the various issues plaguing it, from patriarchy to stresses in the life of a modern couple to homosexuality to effects of an unhappy childhood.

Amongst the various issues, there were two that stood out for me. One was what lack of communication could do to a relationship, and the second was the reference to the double standards prevalent in our society. So the need to look good in front of others is so critical that we love to put our best foot forward no matter what the reality is.

And the most heartwarming takeaway from the book was that families always stick to each other, and times of adversity prove this.

The book is an emotional roller coaster, and if you like emotion, you must go for it.

I give it a 5/5 rating.

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