Midlife Rebooting

Nowadays, a growing number of people are changing or adding dimensions to their careers in their midlives. You can see a doctor becoming an author, a corporate executive taking to mountain climbing, a lawyer becoming a singer and more. 

I am a case in point. After teaching for over twenty years, I decided to take up writing, blogging, and podcasting. I did this because I felt these additions would help fuel my creative side, express my thoughts and emotions, and thus make me more wholesome.

Today, while I continue to pursue my first love, teaching, I am also passionately pursuing my other interests, and believe me …. I have never been happier!

Though it is wonderful to see this change, it is also thought-provoking. Why are people doing this? Why are they taking on these kinds of career shifts? For me, the creative urge directed me towards a different dimension, but people could have several reasons for doing that. We tried exploring some of those.

Seeking Fulfillment: As individuals grow, they change in various ways. Their life experiences and different stages of life cause them to view things differently. Their viewpoints, passions, and goals change, and they may find that their current career no longer aligns with their changed perspectives. They may, therefore, seek a more fulfilling path that resonates with who they are at that stage of life.

Desire for Growth: Midlife often prompts reflection on one’s accomplishments and aspirations. It is a time when people may want to look back to see what they have made of their lives. This self-reflection may lead them to reboot. They may feel stagnant in their careers and seek new challenges and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Adapting to Changes: We live in a constantly changing world. Societal, technological, and economic shifts are so frequent that if one has to survive in this world, one has to adapt to these changes. These changes also impact industries and job markets in a big way. Therefore, people may switch careers to adapt to these changes, pursuing fields with better job prospects or higher demand for their skills.

Work-Life Balance: With age comes a greater appreciation for work-life balance. It is a stage when people no longer wish to chase material things and want to start focusing on other aspects of life. These aspects could include family, friends, and hobbies. Therefore, at this stage, some individuals may prioritise roles or industries that offer more flexibility, allowing them to spend more time with family, pursue personal interests, or prioritise self-care.

Financial Considerations: Sometimes, mid-life career changes may also be motivated by economic factors, such as the need for higher income, better benefits, or a more stable financial future. 

Thus, there could be several reasons for people switching careers in their midlives. The changes are often driven by a combination of personal, professional, and external factors as individuals reassess their priorities and pursue paths that align more closely with their evolving needs and aspirations.

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What is helping people?

However, whatever the reason, the most beautiful part of the times we live in is that these times let people make these changes. Gone are the days when people had to commit and stick to a career they had chosen in their youth, largely due to family/societal pressure. Even if they felt stagnated at a later stage, they had no option but to trudge on the chosen path, which, for obvious reasons, did not give them much happiness.

Also, back in the day, families generally had only one earning member, so their financial obligations did not allow individuals to deviate from their chosen career path. But with changing times and both men and women working, people have the financial wherewithal to explore and discover interests and passions without serious economic repercussions.

Moreover, nowadays, thanks to social media, there is a lot of awareness about what one can do with one’s life in terms of passions and interests. There are so many people out there doing so many different things that one is constantly getting inspired. 

Not only is there exposure to the options, but there is a lot more flexibility and acceptance. Nobody bats an eye when people decide to change careers or add dimensions. In fact, there is not only acceptance but appreciation, too! And that is something all human beings need. We do need societal acceptance no matter what.

Along with all the other changes, people’s mindsets are changing, and work seems to be a freer and more open space where you can experiment and follow your heart. We are becoming more open and flexible in our thinking, making it easy for people to try things out.

The biggest thing is that failure is an option. We can try, and if we don’t succeed, people are okay with that. This option adds to the freedom and liberty people are experiencing and hence enables them to explore and discover. These are indeed incredible times we are living in, and therefore, we should make the most of them.

Like they say, The world is your oyster and open to Midlife Rebooting!

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