Delightful Menu for Raksha Bandhan : A Gastronomic Journey of Heartwarming Dishes

India is a land of festivals which are celebrated in different ways. But no matter what kind of a festival and which part of the country it is celebrated in, food is one of the main components of the celebration. Festivals mean families coming together, being with each other and eating together.

I have fond memories from my childhood of how we would celebrate Raksha Bandhan with special dishes being cooked, planning for which would begin weeks in advance. We would all look forward to spending the day with the extended family, gorging on our favourite foods.

With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, all of us are trying to figure out the food and the menus. So here we are with some options to help you prepare in advance so you can enjoy the day where you can munch on absolutely delicious raksha bandhan traditional food.

What are The Food Habits of Raksha Bandhan?

Since many people fast till the rakhi is tied, they all look forward to lunch. Therefore, the raksha bandhan food menu has to be exciting enough to attract everyone. It’s a celebration, and even if you don’t want it to be very elaborate, the lunch has to include some mouth-watering dishes. Usually, this festival is synonymous with a vast variety of vegetarian foods ranging from palatable snacks to fulfilling full-course meals. In addition to this, sweets hold a high place in the hierarchy of foods when it comes to the Raksha Bandhan food options. It is safe to say that Raksha Bandhan not only celebrates the love between siblings, but also acknowledges the hearty and wholesome flavours of India. 

To make life easier for the hostess, the menu could include some dishes which could be fully or partly cooked in advance so that she is not running here and there like a headless chicken while the others are having a good time.

A Few Tips

1. Though we have all moved towards other cuisines, I feel it is best to stick to traditional Indian vegetarian dishes on festival days; believe me; there is a lot to choose from!!

2. When you plan the menu, remember that family means people of all ages and tastes, so plan the menu accordingly.

3. Include a few items that can be made a day before, if not fully, at least partially.

4. The menu you plan should be balanced: having a curry, a dry dish, some bread and rice( the specifics, of course, can be worked out).

5. If you wish to serve a snack, keep it limited in quantity. You don’t want people to stuff themselves up with the snack and not have an appetite for lunch. I always serve only one item, which is like some Indian street food.

6. The dessert should normally be cold as the weather during this time is generally hot and humid. So after a rather heavy lunch, the dessert should be refreshing.

7. Since the meal is heavy, you could go easy on salads and keep them simple and basic.

8. Incorporating healthy raksha bandhan special food options is essential. Nutrient-rich dishes can easily make way into your menu where you and your loved ones can relish scrumptious food without compromising on well-being. 

What are The Healthy Food Options for Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is celebrated throughout India. Commemorating the eternal bond of siblings, this day is filled with love and laughter. And of course, delicious food! To make sure your day is full of enjoyment, it is important to prepare a balanced food menu by introducing healthier alternatives. Some of these options can be:

  1. Grilled Delights – We all love fried foods! However, one should consider the option of grilling rather than frying to make sure that your health is in check even during the time of festivities. 
  2. Nutrient-Rich Salads – Saladas can be a refreshing side dish that goes well with almost everything. You can experiment with your favorite ingredients and create a unique and healthu salad of your choice. 
  3. Yogurt-Based Delicacies – A simple yet mouth-watering pick! Dishes like Raita or Dahi Bhalla can pack a punch of delectable taste and protein. 
  4. Homemade Sweets – Homemade sweets are a great way to indulge in the sweetness of the delicious desserts served on Raksha Bandha. When baking at home, you can control the amount of sugar and the choice of ingedidients thus, being able to enjoy the sweets guilt-free. 
  5. Fruit-Based Desserts – By opting for healthy and tasty desserts that have the punchy fruitness, you can easily add a fresh take to your menu. Whip up a delicious fruit salad and keep your food menu light yet delicious. 
  6. Nut-Based Manu – By incorporating healthy nuts like almonds, pistachios and walnuts, you can easily add stars to the taste of your menu while also keeping it on the healthier sides. You can add these chopped up nuts to savoury and sweets alike. 

Raksha Bandhan Dishes

Raksha Bandhan Starters Options

  • Chaat Papdi 
  • Palak patta chaat
  • Aloo Tikki
  • Raam Ladoo
  • Aloo chaat
  • Dahi Bhalla

Raksha Bandhan Menu for Lunch

  • Corn paneer
  • Matar paneer
  • Sookhe aloo
  • Stuffed bhindi
  • Kadhai paneer
  • Corn and jeera pulao
  • Missi roti
  • Tandoori roti
  • Salad – Tomato & Cucumber
  • Salad – Tomato, cucumber and onion
  • Salad – Sirke wale pyaaz/ sliced onions and cucumber with chaat masala
  • Raita – Pudina
  • Raita – Onion, tomato
  • Raita – Pineapple / plain curd
  • Chutney – Green chutney and saunth

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Raksha Bandhan Menu for Dinner

  • Rasse wale aloo
  • Pindi chane
  • Kadhi
  • Veg biryani
  • Rajma
  • Dal Makhani
  • Ajwaini puri
  • Bhatura
  • Garlic naan
  • Plain naan
  • Jeera rice
  • Plain rice 
  • Salad – Thinly sliced onions with lemon and chaat masala/ sirke wale pyaaz
  • Salad – Sliced onion with chaat masala
  • Salad – Sliced onion with lemon and chaat masala
  • Raita – Cucumber, grated or diced
  • Raita – Boondi
  • Raita – Onion and tomato
  • Chutney – Green chutney and saunth

Raksha Bandhan Dessert Options

  • Phirni
  • Kheer 
  • Halwa
  • Ras malai
  • Seviyan kheer
  • Kulfi

And along with all these dishes, you could get some special Raksha Bandhan mithai to be served when the rakhi is tied.

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So there you go! Choose from any of the above or make your own menu and have a Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

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