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AboutHer Media Kit

Sangeeta Relan, an Associate Professor at Delhi University, wears multiple hats. She teaches Finance, Economics, Management, Insurance, and Corporate Governance. Beyond academia, she is also on the editorial board of Unhurry, a science-backed digital mental health awareness platform. But that’s not all—Sangeeta is a woman of diverse interests.

She runs an E-Magazine called AboutHer, which serves as an independent online platform dedicated to women in India. AboutHer celebrates women, delving into their lives, relationships, stories, passions, interests, views, and opinions. Through this platform, Sangeeta aims to empower women by providing guidance, inspiration, and a sense of community.

And there’s more! Sangeeta hosts The AboutHer Show, a podcast that uplifts women and celebrates their unique journeys. Her upcoming book, inspired by progressive businesswomen, is set to be published next year.

AboutHer is more than just a magazine—it’s a movement. It’s about amplifying women’s voices, fostering connections, and creating a space where experiences are shared, understood, and transformed.

Download the Media Kit to learn more about Sangeeta Relan, AboutHer, and the incredible world of women’s empowerment.

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