Let’s go to Singapore this time. And to one of the largest bookstores there, which has a fascinating philosophy.

‘The company is like a stage. Books and information products are like actors and actresses. Staff are like producers and directors, and customers are like the audience. Once the customers come into contact with Kinokuniya, their theatrical experience begins.

To receive a standing ovation from the customers, the company must provide a well-designed stage. The staff must provide clear directions to the actors and actresses, and they must ensure all props are in place. Actors and actresses are well cared for so that they can perform their very best before the audience.’

I just love this!

The store believes in the spirit of kaizen, which means continuous improvement.

Founded by Moichi Tanabe in 1927 in Tokyo, Kinokuniya is now spread to almost eighteen countries worldwide.

The Singapore store occupies a large area with an extensive collection of titles from all over the world in different languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. They also have other kinds of merchandise, including stationery, games, collectable toys, and many more. 

To ensure an excellent experience for book lovers, they host book launches, cooking and comic art demonstrations, storytelling and the like. They even have a website that enables people to order books online. Thats Kinokuniya for you.

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