Ten Jobs for Women Over 50

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Life, as I understand it, is all about growing and evolving. It becomes meaningful and worthwhile when we enrich it with knowledge and experiences. Evolution is what sets human beings apart from animals. We all need to learn and imbibe from our environment and apply those learnings to our lives to become better human beings.

Many barriers could come in the way of our learning, but age cannot be one of them. In fact, age comes with a greater ability to process and analyze the learnings. Age also means that you are no longer rushing to do things. You don’t have any need to do things to impress others. Your decisions stem from your needs and wishes. So you can take your time and choose something that resonates with and excites you.

If you are over 50 and want to pick up some form of work, there are several options. At this stage, you can do things you couldn’t do earlier. At this age you have the liberty to start a new career, change your career or take on a second career. As they say you have it all!

The only thing is that you should be willing to work hard and be patient. Anything that you decide to do will take time. It won’t be able to give instant results, but if you keep at it, there is no way that it won’t.

So don’t let anything and, least of all, your age hold you back. You live only once, so make the most of it. You want to make a career change at 50 or you want to start a new career at 50, you can do it all.

We have listed several options for you. You could choose one depending on your interest and ability.

1. Real Estate Agent

Getting into Real Estate can be a good option for women who are good at networking and love connecting with people. It is a space that will always be in demand. That is because people will always want to rent or own a home and always need someone to guide them. So if you are interested in this space, you could do an online course to understand the basics or train with someone already in the field.

2. Wedding/Party Planner

This career option is for women with creative and imaginative minds coupled with great organizational skills. Most women are experts at planning parties and events, and if you are over fifty, you probably have been doing this for a large part of your life. The difference is that you have been doing it on a small scale. But, by taking this up as a profession, you will need to do it on a larger scale and more often. 

There will be a lot of hard work in planning, organizing, supervising, coordinating and controlling, but it’s worth the effort if you have an interest. You don’t need any formal training to take this up.

3. Financial Advisor

If money and numbers excite you, this space could be right up your alley. Many people are looking for ways to save and invest their hard-earned money. Everyone wants that extra buck. But to pursue this, you must have a degree in finance and some experience in the field. This is an excellent option for those who want to work from home or are looking for flexible hours.

4. Designing

This space is again for those with a creative streak in them. If you have an interest, then depending on how much you can invest, you could choose from clothes or jewellery or interior designing. Nowadays, there are several ways to exhibit your products. For example, you can start by making a presence on social media. You could choose to be on your own or tie up with someone with a similar passion.

5. Counsellor

Another excellent option for someone with a sensitive bent of mind is the space of counselling. In today’s fast-paced world, people face financial, psychological, and mental health issues and are looking for ways to handle these problems. This could be an option for you, but you will need a background in psychology to do that. Depending on your interest and aptitude, you could choose from school/ college/ career/rehabilitation/mental health counselling. What you can add to this if you are over fifty is your rich life experience.

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6. Tutor

You may or may not have taken up a full-time teaching job before, but if you are good with youngsters, have patience as a virtue and have mastery over a particular academic discipline, then this could be an option for you. Many parents and children of all ages are looking for people to tutor them in one subject or the other. Choose your space and start tutoring.

7. Freelance Writer

Writing is an excellent way to express your thoughts and feelings. If writing is your thing, now is the time to pursue it with a free mind. Take time out, sit down for a couple of hours and let your creative juices flow. Write, write and write. The more you do, the better you will get at it. You could self-publish your work or send it to online/ offline platforms.

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8. Blogger

Do you feel strongly about a subject? Do you want to express your views on something? Blogging is a great way to do that. But to be a successful blogger, you must ensure that people find value in your blog. So whether you are reviewing restaurants and books, giving advice, guidance or whatever, your blog should add value to people’s lives. But before you do it, you will have to have a website in place. Also, research the kind of blogs that are doing well and choose your space.

9. Photographer

Photography is another great option. If you have an eye for detail, that creative bone in you, you can start shooting literally. It won’t be long before you get the hang of it. To further hone your skills you could take a course in photography. There are many online courses to choose from.

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10. Chef

If cooking is your thing, then you could explore this option. You could choose your home to cater to the culinary needs of people. Again there are several options of cuisines to choose from, and there is a great demand for good quality food.

They say the sky is the limit, and that is so true. So, if you want to do something worthwhile with your life, now that you are 50 , you could pick a career option that suits you and interests you.

Know yourself to know what you are good at, and you are good to go.

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