Unveiling the Pulse-Pounding Action: ‘Jawaan’ Movie Review”

So, I went to watch the latest SRK blockbuster, Jawaan, only for one reason: Shahrukh Khan, as I always do whenever any movie of his is released. I am a huge fan of the man and cannot miss any of his films. I must have watched every one of them! ( just to tell you how loyal I am!!)

I was expecting the usual dose of mindblowing action, stunts, a bit of comedy and, of course, romance. And I was looking to be entertained.

I had already received some feedback since I had been late to the theatre to watch the movie. The feedback intrigued me and angered me a bit, too (how could someone not like SRK!!), but it made me even firmer in my resolve not to miss the movie (as if I would have!!)

While some people loved the movie, a few completely trashed it. They all had some solid reasons for their opinions. Though I had been defensive at that time owing to my loyalties to the man, the defence had been unconvincing even to my ears as I had not watched the movie until then. But when I finally did, the movie gave me sufficient reasons to defend the man and the movie. Here is my understanding of the Jawan movie story.

I must say the man has guts!! He has picked up on some current topics, questioned the powers that be and delivered some hard-hitting messages that this country’s citizens cannot afford to ignore. He has picked up these topics and used his brand to reinforce the message.

My post is addressed to all of us sitting in our plush, fancy homes far removed from the reality of the kinds the man has portrayed.

Yes, we know about the farmer suicides, we know about the state of health care in our country, we know about the nexus between politicians and the industrialists, and we know about the corrupt politicians, but we only know. We haven’t experienced any of it to understand and comprehend what people experiencing these must have gone through.

Occasionally, we do our bit by participating in living room discussions on these subjects, but those are only discussions as they don’t and cannot touch our lives. We often conclude that we cannot do anything about these things. There is an element of detachment to the whole thing.

But is that really true!!! Can we really not do anything at all?

Can we only sit back and watch, believing such happenings or trends will never hit home?

No, it isn’t true, and that’s what has been shown in the movie, and that is what I have picked up from it.

Equally unaffected by these happenings, this man has chosen to convey that we can do something. He has chosen not to stay quiet but to offer a way out. He has not only touched on these issues but showed that if people get together, they can find a solution. He has reiterated that the answer lies with the people of the country and not with anyone else.

While the ways to deal with these issues portrayed in the movie are unrealistic and should be taken with a pinch of salt, we must look beyond them. We are the educated elite of the country, so we should be able to look beyond the face value and not judge a book by its cover. ( it’s a movie at the end of the day!!).

We must broaden our vision, watch the movie, and understand what the man is trying to convey. He is not saying you hijack a metro or resort to other violent means to prove your point; instead,  he is saying that you need to focus on the power within you to find a solution, which starts by realising your worth, the worth of your unity.

A nation is the sum total of its people, and you are the people. Understand what you can do to change what you don’t like. Don’t underestimate your power, your capability. Believe in it and take action. No divine intervention will give you a solution to all the ills plaguing our society.

So, rather than focusing on the impracticality of his ideas and making that the topic of your discussion, focus on the far-reaching and long-lasting solution he gives at the end and throughout the movie. Focus on the power of the people, and that is you.

Use your power to question the people you have elected to represent you, who are supposed to ensure that such incidents do not happen, that law and order are maintained in the country and that people are treated equally and fairly. Do you ever question them?

What I understand by questioning them is not believing everything I am told and not by the same set of people. They always say trust but validate. Don’t be blinded by your beliefs.

And if you can’t question, have someone out there who can do that. Choose people wisely, and choose people so that they can question on your behalf. Have your checks and balances in place.

Therefore, as I understand, we all must remember and believe that we can all make a difference. We may be a drop in the ocean, but every drop counts. So when it comes to voting, don’t sit at home; exercise your franchise. This is the way you can question, you can show your approval or disapproval,

Don’t focus on all the solutions depicted in the movies; focus on the relevant one about using your finger!!. Focus on that message.

I think SRK has smartly used the stunts, action, and his name to get people in the halls and then delivered a hard-hitting message that we cannot and should not miss. The Jawan movie story has layers to it which need to be peeled to get to the message it is trying to convey.

As they say, you need to pick up the right things from what is given to you. We can’t and should not hijack a train or kidnap a politician, so what is a more practical thing for us to do??

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Ask questions, validate, and don’t sit at home when it is time to vote. Go exercise your constitutional right your judgement, and choose wisely.

That’s my take on the Shahrukh Khan film Jawaan. What’s yours?

What do you think?

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