Hugendubel is one of the two major book stores in Germany. It goes back to 1893 when Heinrich Karl Gustav Hugendubel in Munich founded it. Spaced over two floors, the store has a vast collection of books and audiobooks in all categories, along with games, stationery, magazines, calendars, accessories and gifts.

The store boasts of a well-trained staff who know most of the books since they have read them themselves. That is why they can offer personal recommendations to their customers.  They are well acquainted with the store and its layout and so know where to find a book.

The store regularly organizes readings with authors, theme evenings and lectures. The store is committed to books in all their forms; digital, online and physical. The Store has more than a hundred branches all over Germany. So if you love books and are in Germany, then you know where to go; Hugendubel.

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