How would you describe yourself in five words?

While one can write pages and pages to describe oneself, it could be a challenge to do that in just five words. Five words that say it all, compress it all. Moreover, can one use the same five words to describe one’s entire life?

I don’t think so!

Reflecting upon myself and my life, I can see that we cannot do that. As I have grown and evolved, I have become a different person. I am no longer who I was even five years ago, forget who I was twenty years ago. With age and experience, I have matured to be a completely different person. I am sure the same holds for you as well.

In my early twenties, I would have described myself as a daughter,  a student, single, ambitious and fearful. While grappling with a personal tragedy, I had lost my nerve for a few years and had gone into a shell, though I never ever lost sight of my goals and ambitions.

The description changed to wife, mother, lecturer, exhausted and overwhelmed in my thirties, when I was grappling with several things at one time, which did not leave me with time to pursue my interests and passions, including the biggest of them all: reading!!

I was always running from pillar to post to tick things off my list.

Then came the next decade, which saw me becoming sure of myself and letting go of some unnecessary baggage holding me back. I started to come into my own, beginning my journey towards rediscovering and reinventing myself.

And today….

Well, I have become a completely different person in many ways and in ways that are in sharp contrast to who I was in my twenties and thirties.

So, the five words that describe me today reveal my journey over time and my coming of age, like wine, if I may say so! While I continue to teach, I have added many more things to my professional and personal arsenal.

Today, I can say I am  a writer, podcast host, student (once again!!), confident and patient.

I have taken on writing in a big way and find it an effective and powerful way to express my thoughts and ideas. Taking this freedom of expression to another level, I have started hosting a podcast show (something which I  probably always wanted to do considering my fascination with newsreaders in the years gone by)

Breaking all barriers that were mostly in my head, I decided to don the mantle of a student once again. I chose to go back to studying, breaking several myths along the way, primarily about age being a barrier to learning and grasping new things.

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I am confident about how I look, speak, and conduct myself. I have started to believe in myself more than ever before and do not let other people’s opinions bother me or cloud my judgment. I am a much more bolder person than ever before. I am willing to take risks and explore unchartered territories with no fear. New opportunities and challenges attract me and excite me. I am more open to exploring the unknown and learning from it.

While I am looking to walk on my life path with panache and determination, I have also become more patient with others. I am more willing to understand their perspective before jumping to any conclusion. I can now take a pause and understand the other person before forming an opinion or passing judgment. My tolerance levels have gone up. When things don’t go my way, I am willing to accept and wait for the tide to turn. I now try to get to the root and understand why certain things may not go my way. People, circumstances, and situations do not get to me the way they used to earlier. I am willing to let go. All this has made me a much calmer person.

There has been a vast change in my personality, all for the better.

So, these are the words that describe me?

What about you?

Let me know the five words that describe you today!

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