How to Break Free From Limitations Of Life ft. Sangeeta Relan

Feeling like you constantly need to prove yourself? You are not alone. This episode with Sangeeta Relan, Educationist – Associate Professor, Delhi University | Founder: AboutHer | Podcast Host:The AboutHer Show | Writer | Blogger| Columnist | Research Scholar empowers women to walk through the complexities of the professional and personal world. We tackle issues like unconscious bias, imposter syndrome, and work-life balance, offering actionable strategies to build confidence, promote your achievements, and floruish in your life through this unfiltered conversation.

Here is what you will learn:

  1. How to identify and address sexism in the workplace.
  2. Balancing ambition with personal identity (name changes, etc.).
  3. Owning your mistakes and navigating career setbacks.
  4. Mentoring others without sacrificing your own well-being.
  5. Age is just a number: Embracing your experience and defying stereotypes.
  6. Giving tough but supportive feedback.
  7. Managing egos (both yours and others).
  8. Promoting yourself with confidence (because you deserve it!).
  9. Setting boundaries and asserting yourself effectively.
  10. Quieting the inner critic and trusting your own judgment.

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Hello! I’m Sangeeta Relan. Aside from being an educationist teaching at the university level for the last 28 years, I have been a corporate wife and a mother to two boys who have now flown the nest. I love cooking, singing, travelling and exploring new places.

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