How Does Suhail Mathur View the Path to Gender Equality

We are thrilled to introduce Suhail Mathur, our first male guest on the show. This is a significant step for us, as our show has traditionally featured only women. By including men like Suhail, we aim to broaden our perspectives and foster a more inclusive dialogue. Suhail, one of India’s foremost literary agents through his renowned agency, The Book Bakers, brings a unique viewpoint. He is also a celebrated author of two best-selling mythological fiction books, “The Bhairav Putras” and “The Hunt For Rama’s Bow.”

During our candid conversation, Suhail delved into the profound impact his mother and teachers have had on his personal and professional journey. He reflected on how their guidance and support shaped his career and values. Furthermore, Suhail shared his insightful views on the myriad challenges faced by women in society. He stressed the need for both men and women to collaborate in eradicating gender biases and advocating for a more equitable and inclusive world.

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