A bookstore that goes all the way back to 1768, Hodges Figgis is probably the third oldest bookshop in the world. It is an essential element of Dublin’s cultural tradition and is the most well-known store in the city. It even found mention in James Joyce’s modernist novel Ulysses.

It keeps books of all genres within its four walls, from fiction to philosophy to cookery to children’s books. They also have the most extensive stock of books relating to Ireland to be found anywhere in the world.

They have a separate section, the Academic floor, that caters to students in all disciplines.

Although now owned by Waterstones, the shop still has an indie feel to it, with longstanding reader and writer loyalty and knowledgeable staff.

They believe “It’s important these days to talk to our customers about books in the shop. That’s the only way you can distinguish yourself from the internet, which is just an algorithm.”

So if in Dublin do visit this charming bookstore- Hodges Figgis.

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