15 High Income Skills Without A Degree Needed!

Passing out of an esteemed college no doubt gives you a degree and sets your career goals in motion, but some high income skills are not subservient to college degrees. Wondering what is a high-income skill? Well, they are certain knowledge and information that both employers and employees prefer. While ensuring that employers have skilled staff for their company, these skills help employees gradually work their way up to a six-figure income. So, it’s a win-win situation for both. Once you acquire these skills, you become an asset for any company, often irreplaceable. However, these high paying skills are not the same for people of all professions. Below are a few such high income skills without a degree for people of various domains and interests.

High Paying Skills without Degree for a People Person

1. Trades

Trade skills can help you turn your life around. Some of the most in-demand trade professions are mechanics, plumbers, HVAC installers, and electricians. Every modern society needs them to keep going. While you will not earn a high income right from the beginning, after gaining experience, you can set up your own business or work independently to improve your standard of living.

2. Real Estate

Becoming a realtor can help you reap a profit in the real estate industry. Also, after getting the license, you can practice anywhere, anytime. Even if you do not get to work with high-priced properties, selling or buying many average-priced properties can give you financial security. Developing your business can even help you earn six figures.

3. Sales

One of the best high income skills without a degree undoubtedly remains sales. Every industry, from cars to clothes, cookware to furniture, needs employees for their sales department. There is a scope for a sales job for almost every product or service available today. As most sales directors or associates work on a commission basis, you can make plenty of money.

4. Coaching

If you consider yourself a master of any skill or an expert in a subject, you can share your skills, knowledge, and experience with others by becoming a coach. Whether it is student, health, life, or business coaching, you have the perfect opportunity to turn your expertise and knowledge into skills for earning money without a degree.

Best High Income Skills for a Creative Person

5. Content marketing

A content marketer uses various forms of content, such as e-mails, videos, etc., to help the business grow. Definitely, you must have a flair for writing, but above that, you should have a holistic marketing approach to increase brand awareness and customer base. It is one of those high income skills without a degree that can help set your agency and flourish.

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6. SEO

Companies must include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get a solid digital footprint. Until their websites are optimized, Google and other popular search engines will not rank them high on the first page. Understanding how SEO works can help boost your career a lot. This is one of the high income skills that are very much in demand.

7. E-mail Marketing

The demand for good e-mail marketers is always high. An e-mail marketer’s job is to sell products and services through e-mails. This is one of the high income skills without degree that can help you be a freelancer or full-time employee at good pay.

8. Social Media Marketing

If you are an expert on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, among other social media platforms, being a social media manager or marketer can help you have a well-paying career. With social media platforms turning into money-making machines, companies are looking for people who can sell their products or services there.

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9. Copywriting

Copywriting involves writing in a way to persuade potential customers into making decisions in your favor. It can be making a purchase, clicking on a link, taking a subscription, etc. A copywriter’s job can include writing blog posts, website content, books, product descriptions, and many other things. So, if writing comes naturally to you and you are good with words, copywriting can help you earn pretty high.

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10. Paid Advertising

Companies and businesses often seek paid advertisements to promote their products and services. Being a PPC specialist suggests you know conversion optimization, copywriting, and graphic design. If you are skilled in using the PPC (pay per click) model, you are in high demand to execute successful campaigns encouraging actions.

High Paying Skills to Learn for a Tech Person

11. Web Development and Design

There are already millions of websites on the internet, and the number will only rise. So, companies search for web developers and designers who can help them stand out from the crowd. You do not have to attend college to gain expertise in this domain. But this is undoubtedly one of the high paying skills without degree that can help you earn big bucks.

12. Coding

Coding is quickly becoming a high income skill that parents want their children to master. Apart from being high paying, coding is high in demand, too.

13. Graphic Design

The worldwide graphic design market is enormous; freelancers comprise almost 90 percent of the market share. It is one of the high income skills without degree that leads to various job opportunities as every company needs graphics to augment their online presence. And the best part is you can learn this skill without going to college.

14. Data Science

If you love spending time with data to solve problems and analyse trends, a career in data science can help you earn big. Companies can access vast data, but it is useless until someone can make sense of it. Having data science skills enables you to offer your invaluable insights to the companies that can eventually help them prosper.      

15. Video Editing

With digital media and social media platforms gaining traction, video editing is getting its due worth. Companies are eager to engage their customers through exciting videos, making video editing a highly sought-after and high-paid job. If you have a creative mind, you can learn using popular software and excel at one of the skills for earning money that does not need a degree. 

So even if you don’t have a degree there’s still plenty that you can do.

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