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Makeup is an essential part of the modern woman. I, for one, feel that makeup is necessary to enhance one’s looks. One may have the best looks, but makeup helps them come through.

Since makeup is a priority, knowledge of the good brands available in the market becomes vital.

So here I am with my recommendations of good makeup brands. I have distinguished between brands based on quality and price.

  1. Premium 

This category includes brands like Christian Dior and Clinique. These brands are expensive, but their quality is unmatchable, so there is no way that one could go wrong with their products. Therefore if you want to go for quality rather than quantity, this could be your choice. 

My personal favourites include Dior lipsticks, lip glosses, foundation and concealer and Clinique facial soap and moisturizer sunscreen.

2. Luxury

The second category includes brands whose price point is medium to high. This includes brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown. Both the brands come with an excellent range of products; lipsticks to eyeshadow to blushers, foundation, concealer, pretty much everything that one may need. I like both the brands though I do have a few preferences.

While I prefer Bobbi Brown lipsticks, I love MAC eyeshadows.

3. Affordable  

Indian- Color Bar & Lakme

Then comes the category of Indian affordable brands, which includes Colour Bar and Lakme. I generally opt for one of these two as compared to any foreign brand in this category.

Colour Bar is relatively new, but they have a wide variety of makeup ranging from eye pencils to eye shadows to blushers, everything that you could want.

Lakme, of course, is the tried and tested brand used by our mothers. They too have similar options, and you could choose depending on what you like.

Foreign- Revlon, Maybelline, Chambor & L’Oreal

And then, some foreign brands also fall into the category of affordable makeup. This includes Revlon, Maybelline, Chambor and l’OREAL. I consider them all equal in terms of quality, and my choice of one over the other would depend on just the availability and suitability. And finally, if you wear makeup, it is absolutely essential to remove it before going to sleep. My tried and tested makeup removal product is Coconut oil. So I put it on a cotton swab and gently remove all the makeup. I have been using it for years and have never fallen prey to using any makeup removing creams or lotions.

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