14 Fun Things to do on Christmas Day in 2022

It’s Christmas day, and you have done everything you had to do. You have exchanged gifts; you have connected with friends and family. You have covered your extended family as well!! Now what? You want to spend some time doing things you love, but you can’t think of them right now. 

So here we are with some great ideas for you. We have you covered with some entertaining and festive Christmas Day activities in keeping with the spirit of the day. It’s cold, it’s freezing, but our ideas will leave you feeling warm and cosy.

1. Cook a Christmas Day Feast

 Festivals are all about spending time with loved ones and doing things for them. Cooking mouth-watering dishes for the family could be a great way to bond and spend time. You could prepare for this in advance by looking up recipes and then getting into the act on the day. Bake, roast, fry; cook how you want to and make the most of your day. What’s more, you could round it off by taking some Insta-worthy pictures!!

2. Go to the Mall

You have had lunch; there’s time till dinner, so how about fitting in some retail therapy? You could go to the local Mall, take a picture with Santa, treat yourself to something warm to eat or drink and maybe buy yourselves a gift. All of these will fill up your time and add to the festive cheer for you.

3. Watch a Christmas Movie

To soak into the Christmas spirit, you could watch a movie with a Christmas theme.

You could choose from some excellent Christmas movies and enjoy watching them with your friends, family, or even yourself. Depending on your mood, you could pick a black-and-white classic or a slapstick holiday favorite. The icing on the cake could be a hot cocktail.

4. Read a Christmas Book

If you are not a movie person, you could even snuggle up with a book with a Christmas or holiday theme. Again there are tons to choose from, but my own choice is generally a book that gives me a Christmassy feel. Pick up a glass of mulled wine, hot chocolate, plain old tea, or coffee to go with the reading session.

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5. Clean Up and Donate

You could add to the holiday spirit by volunteering to donate, to give back. Several times we have stuff in the house which is in good condition but for which we have no use. So rather than letting it lie uselessly in your cupboards, you could donate it to a charity, an NGO that could put it to better use. The holiday season is when you need to spread the cheer around, so go ahead and do it. Free up space in your house and spread happiness in that of others.

6. Plan a Themed Family Game Night

Another way to bring the family together is by organizing a game night. It is the holiday season, and it would be best to pick some holiday-themed games. You could sit next to the fire, cosy up and enjoy being with everyone.

7. Go Caroling

Christmas is the time to get into the spirit of Christmas Carols. They are playing on a loop in every store, home and your head. But you could make that into a family/friends activity by going caroling. It could be a great way to take a walk and spread the holiday spirit in your neighborhood.

8. Go for a Nature Walk

If you have been snuggling up a bit much, it could be a great idea to step out for a walk—nothing like bundling up in layers of woolens and enjoying the outside. You could walk in the park or on the sidewalk around your home. A walk is a great way to exercise and energize yourself.

9. Hit the Ice-Skating Rink

This could also be a great way to burn extra calories after indulging in delicacies throughout the day. Going ice skating may not be something you can do on most days, so why not take advantage of the free time on Christmas day to do just that? You could exercise amid those twinkling Christmas lights with your loved ones in the afternoon once the morning festivities have finished.

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10. Host a Christmas Karaoke Night

How about showcasing your singing talent in front of friends and family? Set up the karaoke and belt out your favorite numbers to bring warmth into the cold Christmas night. You could inspire others to join in and make it a fun-filled night.

11. Host a Christmas Party

What better time than the holidays to host a party? 

Host a bash for all your friends you may have missed out on during the year. Eat, drink and make merry with your favorite people. This is an excellent option for those who live independently and do not get to meet other people.

12. Build a Gingerbread House

This is something that could make you popular with the kids. Engage with them and make them discover their artistic selves. After all the present-opening frenzy, this hands-on project could keep everyone entertained. Building a gingerbread house is a classic holiday activity loved by all. Build them, decorate them with lights and have a great time.

13. Get on with Your Thank You Cards

Yes, we are in a digital world where technology takes care of most things. However, some traditions continue to flourish and sending out Christmas cards is one of them. So use Christmas day to write out small thank you notes and cards to show that you care. It’s always better to be on track here lest you forget who sent you what and you commit a faux pas. You can let your creative juices flow to show your love.

14. Tour the Neighborhood for Christmas Lights Sighting

Lights are a great way to bring cheer to your life. So on a Christmas day when trees are bare of leaves, the world looks drab, and it is icily cold, warm your heart by looking at the Christmas lights. Step out of your homes and take a walk in the neighborhood to see how houses and stores have been lit up. If it’s too cold for a walk, pile everyone into the car and drive through the neighborhood. The bright and enchanting displays will lift your spirits. You could carry some hot drinks and Christmas cookies with you to add to the mood. Take a pick and enjoy the festivities with these Christmas Day fun activities.

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