Faqir Chand and Sons

One of the iconic bookstores in the city of Delhi; a bookstore that has its origins in pre-partition India in the city of Peshawar, where it was called Oriental Book Shop. Following the partition, the owner moved to Delhi and set the same kind of a bookshop in Khan Market and decided to name it after himself. That was in 1951.

Now the store is being run by his granddaughter Mamta along with her husband, Anup Kumar.

And the best part is that the fourth generation is ready to take over. Mamta’s son Abhinav can be seen in the store getting ready to take over the place someday.

A store with piles and piles of books with seemingly no set way to arrange them. There isn’t a nook or a corner that doesn’t have a book.

While they have their classics and bestsellers, what sets them apart is their collection of books on history, mythology, historical and mythological fiction and Sufi and Urdu poetry.

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