Eternity Face Elixir – The Magic Potion

Skin looking dull, tired, showing the effects of pollution or affected by some hormonal imbalance.

Nothing new or uncommon there. Most women face one or more of these issues at some point or the other. So what do we do?  Look for the right product.

Amongst the several options available, I highly recommend products that believe in natural skincare, plant-based beauty. We all want great looking skin that defies age and time, so why not go for a great product.

I recommend the Eternity Face Elixir- The Magic Potion, a creation of Ma Earth Botanicals, a company that believes in nature-inspired wellness.

I have been using the product for a while now, and believe me, it works.  I can see that with regular usage, my skin has become softer, smoother and supple. Though oil-based, it is non-greasy and mixes up nicely with my night cream, leaving my skin glowing and looking beautiful.

The elixir has been formulated using plant and flower oils, including Neroli, Jasmine and Rose. It also contains rice bran oil, sweet almond and apricot, all-natural ingredients as you can make out. Feeding your skin with moisture, antioxidants, and plant acids and minerals which penetrate deeply into the skin can only make it better.

I use the elixir every night. After washing my face, I dab it dry. Then I spritz rosewater on it. I take a few drops of this elixir in the palm of my hand along with my night cream, Ma Earth’s Eternity Cream, mix the two, and then apply it on my face, massaging in gentle circular upwards movement till it is fully absorbed. It works through the night to repair the cells and take care of all the skin damage.

This simple routine helps me not only to relax but to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. In these difficult times, a little bit of self-care can go a long way in making us feel good.

This is my mantra for taking care of my skin the natural way. Can be yours too!

Do let me know if this worked!

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