Daunt Books is a chain of bookshops in London that specialises in travel books and literature. Founded by James Daunt, its first branch was opened in 1912 in Marylebone. The book shop claims to be the first custom-built bookshop in the world and traditionally specialised in travel books. In 2010, it began publishing as well.

The Marylebone branch is housed in a former Edwardian bookshop with long oak galleries and beautiful skylights. The older section of this shop was completed in 1912 and was originally an antiquarian bookshop called Francis Edwards. The shop was bought by former banker James Daunt and renamed Daunt Books in 1990.

Daunt Books is a beautiful book store that has been organised interestingly. The front of the store is all about fiction and non-fiction like most stores, but the back is unique. The back of the shop is organised by country, including guidebooks, travel literature, and other important literature from each nation.

The shop has branches in several other parts of London. Each branch organises talks and discussions by authors. The shop also hosts the Daunt Books Festival every year during spring.

The shop is truly a magnificent sight filled with books on the ground floor, upstairs and downstairs.

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