Dante and Descartes

Dante & Descartes is a popular bookstore nestled near the university in Naples. It is one of the stores I stumbled upon while walking around the city. The store is located in the Piazza del Gesù Nuovo square in the historical city centre of the city. There is no way that you can miss it!

The thing that drew me inside was the manner in which the books had been stacked both inside and outside the store. It seemed there were so many books that they had to be stacked in pretty much every corner and crevice. Such a sight is not something a book lover can ignore. So I  had to go in. Wild horses couldn’t have kept me away!!

And when I walked in the musty smell, the incredibly knowledgeable owner kept me hooked for the next hour. Though most books were in Italian, he was more than willing to talk about his collection, the location, and the students who are regular features. You couldn’t miss the unmistakable pride in his voice when he spoke about his books.

Though initially guarded, once I established my credentials with him, he was more than happy to let me take pictures of the store.

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Naples is one of the few cities in the world where one can find a rich collection of second-hand books. And Dante & Descartes happens to be one such place. The bookstore offers excellent prices for well-preserved books that you will not be able to find in mainstream stores. Whether you like drama, classics, romance, self-help, study material or other genres, Dante & Descartes has something for every taste.

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