Chapter 1

“And then she left”

“And then she left”, those were his words.

After last night, I was dying to know how the story was going to unfold itself. So, this morning I picked up the car keys and was all set to meet him again. I was at my location in half an hour, same as yesterday, a barren forest land not visited very often.

My eyes were looking for him all over the place. I kept waiting for almost half an hour, and then when I was convinced that he wasn’t coming and was about to leave, my eyes fell on a  shadow in front of me. It wasn’t mine because I was standing with my face towards the sun. But there was nobody else there!! So whose shadow was it?

A shudder went down my spine. I turned around, and to my astonishment, there was no one there!

And then….. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was the hand of the one who I had been waiting for all this while.

His eyes were unnaturally calm and still.; with the same expression as yesterday. I was shocked;  how come there had been no change in the expression even though it had been more than a day since we had last met!

“I hope I didn’t make you wait for long”, he broke the silence.

“No, not at all”, I replied.

I was in no mood for this inane conversation.  I was dying to know the reason behind what he had said last night.  I wanted him to carry on with the story from where he had left last night. He stood up, motioned for me to follow him. Though I followed him, I couldn’t understand why I trusted a stranger and went where he wanted me to. All kinds of thoughts were coming into my mind.

We must have walked for just about five minutes when I realised that we had reached our destination, or so I thought! Where we stood was the building of the high school that had been built during colonial times. As far as I could remember, the school had been shut down some time ago. A student named Maria had died in the building due to a sudden fire. To date, no one had been able to unravel the mystery behind the fire or her death, but there were many rumours. Some people believed that she had started the fire herself. Others thought it had been someone else. But nobody knew the truth.

I was a bit nervous and scared.

“Why here?  I asked. We could have continued there, pointing towards the barren forest.”

‘Any problems here?’ he asked.

‘No, not really, I said

As we walked towards the building entrance, we were stopped by someone who was shouting at us. It was the old guard of the school.

“STOP! STOP! DON’T ENTER!” he was shouting.

“Don’t you know that entry to the building is restricted?”.

While he was still shouting, I turned to look at my companion. I wanted to know what to do now?

But to my shock, there was no one there. I was dumbstruck!!

Where had he vanished ??

Before I could comprehend anything, I heard the guard say, “YOU CAN’T ENTER  THE BUILDING, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY”.

‘OK! OK! I am leaving’, I said.

”You better do that. Visitors are not allowed in the building. Don’t you know that?’

‘Did you see that guy I  came with?’

The guard said “NO”.

He told me to leave the place as soon as possible.

I turned to leave. I wanted to get to my car, which I had parked at some distance. I had to walk through the thorny bushes to get to it. But I was in a state of wonder, shock! And fear!

Where had that boy gone?

“How had he just disappeared? I had no answer.

But then I remembered that I  had a meeting with some foreign clients.

So I  left.

To be Contd….


“The Old School”

All through the next day, I kept thinking about the stranger. I was not sure when, if ever, I would get to see him again.

But at the same time, I could not stop thinking about him.

And then it struck me!! I didn’t even know his name”.

It was too much to bear. I needed to do something about it.  Something in me forced me to drive the car to take me to that old school building. I was shouting at myself as I got into the car.

But today, something was different; the guard was also not there.

My feet, as if having a will of their own, took me towards the main entrance. I could not stop myself from going inside to see how the building looked from inside.

The gates were relatively high and also heavy and locked. I knew I would require something to break the lock. So I looked around to find a stone or something with which I could do that.

“Oh, there!!

I muttered to myself as I spotted a big stone that I thought would do the trick.

I turned towards the gate;  And then! I saw him!! He was standing in front of me!

“I didn’t see you earlier!” I said. “

But I have been looking for you for many years”, he replied.


I couldn’t understand the meaning of his statement. What was he saying? What did he mean?

I was too mixed up.

But where did you go all of a sudden yesterday?

He told me that his old mother required assistance as she couldn’t even get out of bed.

“This time”, I said to myself, “I won’t forget”.

I asked him,” What’s your name?”

‘Rajveer’, he said.

Don’t you want to go inside this beautiful building, Deepika?

“How do you know my name?” I asked him.

“I know many things”, he replied in a very calm and stiff manner.

While we were having this conversation, I noticed that this strange friend was constantly looking at that old school gate.

Breaking into his reverie, I asked him, “How will we go inside? it’s locked.”

He put his hands inside the pocket on the left side of his long coat.

He took out a key and handed it to me. “Open it, now”, he said.

I asked him where he had got the key from! But he preferred to remain silent and kept staring at the gates. His eyes had a different look about them now. He seemed more excited than me.

Breaking into his silence, I asked, “Rajveer, where did you get the key from?”

He remained silent and didn’t answer my question.

It seemed like he was not even listening to me and was caught up in his thoughts.

I went on to open the gate, and finally, we were inside the building.

To our front was a huge hall that seemed like a place for morning prayers or gatherings in the school. A beautiful chandelier in the centre of the roof gave it a very royal look.

However, time had taken its toll on it.  It was covered with dust.  While I was looking for the switchboard, Rajveer was walking towards the staircase.  I was surprised to see that even in such little light when it was almost dark, he knew where the stairs were.

I kept looking for the switchboard.

And then I heard a scream, a blood-curdling scream!!

Was it Rajveer?

I rushed in the direction of the sound but stumbled over something and fell on the floor. Using my phone, which had been working like a torch for me, I tried to look for the object I  had tripped.

On the right side of the beautifully embroidered carpet, I saw something.

I moved towards it, and as I  bent to pick it up, I  realised what it was!!

I was shocked and so terrified that I just threw it away. And I screamed!! I tried looking for Rajveer, but he was nowhere to be seen or heard!

I tried calling out his name, but no sound came out of my petrified being. My brain couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“Was this a human bone, of a finger or……’?

I was asking these questions to myself.

I was too terrified to stay there any longer.  I gathered all the courage left in me and rushed towards the entrance.

But…. I had been locked in………

To be Contd..

About the Author:

I am Ankit Kumar, a 19-year-old undergraduate currently pursuing my undergrad. I love reading, learning by reading and then writing. I am fond of thriller and horror stories. So I have tried writing one! I have a YouTube channel “weird kumar“.

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