Humkhayal – By Eshika Amarnani

About the Author:

I am Eshika Amarnani. And this is the story of my life.

When the world was enjoying the perks of monetary goals and gluttony pleasures, I  was juggling with my deeds of karmic gratification in terms of structural damage and emotional breakdown. Generally, life ends after the full stop, but my life started after the dot. My qualifications don’t define my true nature of who I am today; hence an MBA graduate /a jewellery designer/an event coordinator have lost their existence and given birth to “SURVIVOR POETESS” !!

Hailing from Lucknow, the city of Nawabs (therefore Urdu and Hindi dialect come naturally to me), I never thought of writing. But then this accident happened, and depression threatened to take over. This was when my mother pushed me towards writing. She insisted that before I give up on life and forget I have an 11year old soul to look after, I should start writing. So then, I picked up my pen and started writing my heart and soul out, the dualities I was witnessing inside me. My writings reflect the preachings of my Gurudev (Aanadmurti Gurumaa) along with my other healers and Gurupita whose lives have touched my core and have helped me survive the storm that I had to face. I was on bed rest for eight months and am still coping with immobility and emotions. The support of my loved ones and my poetry recitals at various events are the foundation of my survival. My hope to remain normal like you all sustains in my craft that I speak about!!

My mother is my backbone, and my child is my guide on the journey I have undertaken. He has been my constant companion in my joys and sorrows watching me rise and fall! My brother and father are my pillars of strength and this freedom that I am breathing in today is because of my 14 year long togetherness with my better half, my dearest husband! I have been a spiritual seeker all my life hence books are my constant companion and ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI ‘holds a sacred place in my soul and has changed my life to make me who I am today!!

Gurukripa is what I would say I am blessed with lastly.

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