Emerging Paradigm Shift in Mindsets – By Suresh Kher

Last week I saw the bollywood flick “Ki & Ka”. The storyline is about a young couple wherein the lady is the ambitious bread earner and the man is the house husband, responsible for doing all household chores. A concept, new to Indian society but not very uncommon in the western part of the world.

I set myself thinking…….now why would that be?? We in the typical Indian society have been born and brought up in a conservative set up. As kids, most of us have grown up by watching our mom’s do most of the housework while dad is slogging late hours in his office or business.
Even in families where the Mom is working, the majority of the household chores are being done by her. The husband may share some burden off and on but still the majority onus would lie with the lady of the house.

You see it starts from the day of the marriage itself…….In a typical Indian style Hindu wedding, when the saat pheras take place the priest very conveniently reiterates the duties and responsibilities of an ideal husband and an ideal wife. The responsibility of protection, security, earning money is the man’s forte, and the burden of running the house is the art that rests with the woman.

Even in olden times, during the British Raj – the pre independence era, men were mostly part of the freedom struggle (Sarojini naidu & Rani Laxmibai being rare exceptions) and women stayed back to look after the children, cook and do daily chores like storing water, cleaning, washing, teaching the kids and so on.

Ironical as it may seem, if you have a glimpse at the hospitality industry, almost every hotel and restaurant have male chefs and cooks. Sanjeev Kapoor who made Khana Khazana ( a famous cookery show of the 90’s) a household story is also a guy. This proves that men always had it in them ….the art to cook great food, but its just that societal set up would not let them come out in the front and take the ownership.

Thankfully now, a change is taking place. Especially married couples in nuclear family set ups mainly in big cities have started to divide responsibilities. Men these days do not shy away from supporting their better halves and sharing their burden.

Even the advertising industry is changing. A popular detergent brand now comes with a tag line that
says ” Why is laundry only a mother’s job, Dads #share the load”
Another washing machine brand commercialises a unisex washing machine.

This reflects the changing stereotypes and shows that a more equal world would be a better world for all of us.

The good part about this change: the women would get some time for themselves and for the men….they are no longer dependant on women and can take initiatives themselves. Now, doesn’t that sound like a happy win-win situation.

Anyways….do go and watch the movie…..would be better if you go with your spouse 😉 😉

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A chartered accountant, who apart from writing professional audit reports, also loves to explore his creative side with a flair for writing & poetry. An avid reader and an active blogger….I like anything and everything with literary indulgence. Have unconditional love for books besides having interests in travelling, music and exploring new places. I live in New Delhi, with my better half and an adorable little princess.


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