Book Review- Christmas By The Book By Anne Marie Ryan

Book – Christmas By The Book

Author – Anne Marie Ryan

Genre – Light Fiction

Christmas By The Book is a delightful book that I recently read. It is a great read not only for book lovers but for bookstore lovers as well. In today’s times, when brick and mortar stores are finding it difficult to survive, this book can be a huge source of encouragement and hope. Anyone who loves the idea of buying books from a physical bookstore will love the book. And to top that, the story is so heartwarming.

It is a book about a couple, Nora and Simon, who live in this cute little English village where they own a bookstore that they are finding difficult to run. But they do not let the challenges of their lives make them bitter or cynical. They are good people and do everything to spread cheer and love around. With Christmas around the corner, they decide to spread some Christmas joy in their community. 

The book tells the story of their struggles and challenges in keeping their store afloat. It brings out their passion for books, their love for each other and how they succeed in their mission with their kindness, patience and resilience. The story is relatable and uplifting. It is like a breath of fresh air.

I loved the simple writing style of the author and the way she reiterated some basic truths about life that we tend to forget. Many times the mundane of life makes us lose track of simple things, and I love how the author has woven them into the story. They make you feel good, and they make you feel optimistic about life. In today’s world, when materialistic, self-centred behaviour is running the roost, one needs these affirmations and reassurances. For instance, the characters’ believe in these simple truths; ‘Kindness always pays’; ‘One must never lose hope; ‘Happy endings are possible’ and no matter what, ‘Always put your family first’.

All these give an upbeat and feel-good factor to the book. The characters are real and life-like, and the reader can identify with many situations.

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And though certain things about the story are predictable and you know where the story is going, they cannot take away the book’s feel-good factor. On the contrary, the couple’s experiences and coming out of them leave the reader feeling positive and hopeful.

In my opinion, if you want to read a simple story and a book which is a quick read, then go for this book. It is light, hopeful and comforting. I finished it in two days. It was also because I love physical book stores and would love to have one of my own at some point.

Since I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, I would give it a five-star rating.

Quote from the book

‘Here’s to happy endings. And to the new chapters ahead of us!

If that doesn’t inspire you, what else will? Hope you like my book review and read the book!

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