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Cooking Blog I was a very reluctant entrant into the kitchen space. I still remember my mother trying every trick in the book to get me there. From trying to tell me how important it was to know how to cook to getting in there herself to show what all she could create [ she being a fantastic cook] to the oft-repeated plea/warning/ threat of most Indian mothers[ What will you feed your husband and children!!!!], she tried it all but to no avail. I was genuinely not interested in learning how to cook and was confident that with good staff in the house I would be able to manage and therefore not have to face the scenario envisaged by her. To that, she would always say that ‘ if you don’t know how to do something you can’t get it done’. Not that her argument made any difference to me. And then I got married and guess what? I got married into a family of foodies… a family that eats, drinks and dreams about food and good food. No short cuts, no cutting corners.. good food is what they want, all the time. And so very reluctantly I had to learn how to cook [ hated it initially] but now, I just love it!! I guess my mother’s genes did rub off somewhere!! I am still not someone who can do it regularly but when I want to I will put my heart and soul into it!! Now the next generation in our family[ between me and my siblings] consists of five boys and one girl..who too love food. And now I [ Age catching up!!!] want them all to be independent and self-reliant in the food space. By means of this blog, I intend to put all my tried and tested recipes in one place so that they or their spouses when desirous of entering into the kitchen can do so armed with a safe and a much-loved recipe. So here goes!!!!!