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Every woman wants to look and feel good. So whether it is her clothes, bags, jewellery, makeup, skin, body, she wants the best. Nothing wrong with that; the only issue is that there are far too many options. So how does one choose? I can list a few steps that can give you the answers to these and many other questions- Step 1: Look for a product. Depending on the requirement, do a bit of research and look around to see what can work for you. Narrow down to a few options. Step 2: Look for reviews and recommendations. Ask around, talk to people, read product reviews. Go by the recommendations and experiences of people you can trust, who you know and who have used that product. Believe me, that really helps. Step 3: Rely on your judgement. Corroborate the recommendation/review with the information given by the manufacturer about the product and what it contains. Most of us don’t do it most of the times. My suggestion start doing it. If you can trust the ingredients, you can trust the product. Step 4: And now try out the product. But like with everything good and beneficial, the key is to be consistent and regular with the use. If you are inconsistent, the results will just not show. Follow these four steps and discover new and better ways of dealing with your issues and requirements.