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Book Places: A booklover’s delight – In the words of Stephen King, ‘Books are uniquely portable magic.’ A magic that can travel with a book lover: Countries, nations, boundaries cannot stop this magic from being transported. Reading as a habit is not particular to any nation or any race or culture. Since time immemorial, people have been reading books and will continue to do so. So if books are magic, then bookstores are the magicians who bring that magic to us. They make the experience, the joy of acquiring that piece of portable magic, even more magical, even more memorable. A book place in today’s world could be an online store or a physical store. While the online ones are becoming popular, I feel that nothing can match the charm of a brick and mortar store with actual books that you can touch and feel. Though online stores let you hold the book but what about the joy of being surrounded by books, the pleasure of pouring over books? What about looking for a particular book and picking up several others, sitting in the corner of a bookstore and just looking through different books, standing in a bookstore and just gazing at the rows and rows of books? How can any online store match that? Then what about the interactions, the conversations, the recommendations which a bookstore employee or owner can give you? The friendships, the bonds that you can form with like-minded people over such interactions. That personal touch is something that no online revolution can ever match. Online will always be impersonal and indifferent. That’s why we will always need bookstores, book places no matter where we are. Book places; all over the world! How different or how similar are they? What do they look like? Does the way they look have anything to do with their location? The idea of exploring book places in different parts of the world has always fascinated me. And it is this fascination that inspired me to collect pictures of book places from around the world. So let’s all you book lovers embark on this journey; Go around the world and visit book places. Each such visual tour will have a little bit of trivia about the store.

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I love bookstores! I enjoy spending hours browsing, reading, and sometimes just sitting and enjoying the smell of books. [...]

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