10 Career Options for Women After a Break

Women all over the world end up taking a hiatus from work for one reason or the other. Sometimes it is for having a baby, sometimes for the family, raising children or caring for a sick parent; the reasons could be many.

But while for some, joining back may not be too challenging, for others, it may seem impossible. When you take a career break, you become a different person. Being away from work means you are probably away from tech, from how the work environment functions and you may no longer have the skills necessary to join back.

So what do you do? Well, if you are one of those women who want to get back after a break, all is not lost. There are several options for women returning to work that you can choose from. The most vital thing is that you must have the will to get back and do what it takes.

We list a few options for you. Dip into your existing skill set to figure out what works for you! 

You need to take a look at yourself to understand what it is that you want to do. Look around you to see where the world is going, and then work on updating your skill/education to get back. You will need family support but more than anything else, you will need a lot of confidence, grit, resilience and courage. But never give up!

Happy getting back!

1. Content Writer

If you are someone who likes to jot down thoughts or maintain a journal, writing could be an option for you. Explore the space of content writing. Many organisations are looking for such people, and you may just fit the bill.

2. Entrepreneur

You may want to do your own thing and not be bound by other people’s rules and restrictions. If that is the case, starting your venture could be a great option. Again do a deep dive to see what you want to do and what you love. It could be food, clothes, plants, books, art and craft, education, or wellness; the list is endless. As they say, the world is your oyster.

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3. Graphic Designer

If you have a creative bent of mind and love to design, graphic designing could be your thing. You could work to create logos, websites, brochures, advertisements and other forms of visual communication. Again the list is endless.

4. Education and Tutoring

If you like to impart knowledge and want to make a difference in children’s lives, you could get into this space. You could join a school/ educational institution, have your own setup or take to tutoring.

5. Health and Nutrition

This could be a great option for those who are into health and nutrition and are passionate about fitness. Do your two-bit to make this world fit and healthy.

6. Online Retail

If you don’t have the liberty to step out of the house, you can still do a lot. You can start your online retail business and sell products you create or curate. 

7. Consulting

If you have expertise in banking, finance, real estate, or health, you can offer your consulting services to people/businesses looking for advice and guidance.

8. Event Management

Women are generally excellent at putting things together due to their organising skills. So if that excites you, you could start your event planning business and help clients organise various events.

9. Financial Advisor

People of all ages want to know how to grow their wealth over the long term; that is where financial advisors come in. So if you have a degree in finance, this could be your thing. You could sit at home and pursue this career option.

10. Blogger

You could even take to blogging on a topic that you are passionate about. It could be your space where you could share your experiences, opinions, views or advice on the topic of your choice.

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While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it can give you some ideas about options for women returning to work to don the work mantle once again.

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