Book Review – One Summer in Paris, Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan, an author who I discovered accidentally while browsing through the bookshelves of my favourite bookstore. What caught my eye was the happy and cheerful cover of the book. I pulled it out and felt as though it exuded warmth, love and happiness all at once.

That piqued my interest, and I wanted to know what the book was all about. I figured that the book was fiction, but it was something that explored relationships, a topic which more than interests me. And it seemed to have been done in a realistic and relatable manner.

I picked up the book, finished it in record time and then wanted more. The simplicity of the writing laced with humour has ensured that I cannot stop reading Sarah Morgan’s books. I am currently on the seventh one.

Her books are a beautiful and delightful expression of her take on human relationships, in particular, the relationships between women. They are simple stories but with great insights into the manner and circumstances in which women can connect and the various nuances of the connect. Great comfort reads!!

The added zing comes in various ways. If the ones based around Christmas bring that festive cheer and warmth, the ones based out of my favourite city, New York make you feel a part of the town.

The book that I am reviewing is One Summer in Paris, that first book by Sarah Morgan that drew me to her and her books.

Book Details:
One Summer in Paris
Author Sarah Morgan
Release Date 9th April 2019

Genre Women’s fiction with just the right mix of romance and humour
This is a story about an unusual friendship between two women, Grace and Audrey, who belong to two different generations. The story brings out the intrinsic strength of the two women and the way they end up supporting each other.

At the beginning of the story, Grace is preparing to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary. She has planned a surprise trip to Paris and is looking forward to breaking the news to her husband over dinner. What is more, it is Valentine’s day!!

But her world is shattered when she discovers that her husband is having an affair with a girl, half his age, and he wants a divorce. And he breaks this news over that dinner!!

Audrey, on the other hand, is a young girl who has several issues in her life. She has dyslexia, comes from a broken home and has an alcoholic mother who can’t handle relationships. While she loves her mother, she finds it quite a challenge to deal with everything. On top of that, she doesn’t want anyone to know what her life is all about.

Though both live in different parts of the world, they come together in the city of Paris. Grace, in spite of the betrayal and the storm it has led to in her life, decides to go ahead with the trip all by herself, a bold first for her.
Audrey, in order to break free from her life, decides to pick up a job for the summer in Paris.

They meet and connect in spite of the age gap. Not only do they understand each other’s predicament but are ready to help each other. While Grace volunteers to teach French to Audrey, a dire need as her job is at stake, Audrey, on her part encourages Grace to move on with her life and forget the past. She pushes her to try out new things, and find happiness for herself.

Thus this is a story of the coming together of the bold Audrey and the cautious Grace and the forming of a life long bond between them.
What I like about it is how It portrays that when faced with adversity, women can not only relate to each other but can stand up for each other. It is hugely inspiring to see the way the two muster up the courage to step out of their comfort zones and then find happiness. And though the ending is a tad cliched, it brings out the fact that the two of them make decisions that they want to. They accept their mistakes and are open to making amends.

What do you think?

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  • sharmila bhatia
    February 2, 2020

    Enjoyed reading your blog Sangeeta and your book review! I’m sure your writing will Interest and draw several readers along the way.
    Writing takes lots of effort and discipline, kudos to you, keep on keeping on 🙂

    • Sangeeta Relan
      February 2, 2020

      Thank you so much!