Top 20 Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in Saree

“Nothing makes a woman look as beautiful as a saree does.’

A woman can choose from various forms of attire, but none matches the grace and elegance of a saree. Saree is the most sensual attire that a woman can ever wear. It is also the most versatile that can look traditional yet can be twisted and turned to make it contemporary and modern.

So no matter what her age, every woman, every girl can choose to drape the six yards and make heads turn.

But though I may know that something is beautiful, it will make me look gorgeous; I may not know how to put the look together. I may need some points of reference, some form of guidance and who better to step in than Bollywood? For example, the image of an Indian actress in saree, particularly a Bollywood heroine in saree, can be a huge inspiration for anyone who wants to try wearing one. Party wear Bollywood designer saree is most popular among all heroine.

Our Bollywood divas have been known to patronize the six-yard for as long as we can remember. Sarees and Bollywood go hand in hand. So whether it was the stars from yesteryears or the current breed, all have been known to drape this elegant garment sometime or the other.

They have inspired and continued to inspire women of all ages, tastes and fashions to go for the saree. So go no far and learn how to style your six yards of sheer elegance. Pick up tips and tricks from these divas. The actress in saree images can be of great help.

1. Rekha

The timeless, ageless beauty is known for her gorgeous and exquisite collection of sarees and, in particular, for her Kanjivarams. Be it any occasion, a film premier, launch, a special screening, an award function or a wedding; you can see Rekha in a beautiful saree draped to perfection. What is more, the saree will be matched with stunning pieces of jewellery. She loves her greens, reds, golds and flamy oranges. She is bold, she is beautiful, and she makes no bones about it. Rekha owns one of the most enviable collections of Kanjivarams in Bollywood. She carries them splendidly and is a sight to behold each time she steps out. She loves her Banarsis too.

Rekha in a traditional kanjivaram silk saree with a fresh flower gajra is a look that one cannot erase from one’s mind.

2. Dimple Kapadia

A beautiful Bollywood actress in saree; that’s Dimple Kapadia for you. Dimple is known for her love for the handloom sarees. She wears them very often and prefers them over other forms of attire. Though she wears different Indian outfits, she looks the best in her saree. But her look is always subtle and understated. She prefers natural fabrics like silks, cottons and linens and looks beautiful in all. Her sarees are always teamed with stylish accessories like a pearl necklace, glass bangles, a watch or dainty looking studs. The result is stylish and graceful. She can wear the most muted number and carry it with flair.

She is known to shop for her sarees in Delhi, including places like The State Emporia and the Santushti complex.

3. Sharmila Tagore

Sharmila Tagore was considered to be the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. You think Sharmila, and what comes to mind is exquisite, stylish and elegant dressing. Whether it was in her younger days when she was quite a head-turner to now when she is a grandmother, the woman hasn’t lost her style. This reflects in her choice of clothes, especially in her sarees. She has worn them all, from georgettes to chiffons, silks, and cottons. Her jewellery is always sophisticated and tasteful. And then, to top it all is her smile which is a winner.

She has been known to have set trends and has never blindly followed any fashion trend; she is a woman with a great sense of what to wear and how.

4. Kangana Ranaut

Amongst the current breed of actors, if there is one person who has nailed the saree look, that is Kangana. Whether it is the traditional kanjivaram look or the easy, breezy lace numbers, she rocks them all. She changes her hairdos, her jewellery ranging from chunky pieces to simple, subtle ones and looks a stunner. She is quite an inspiration for the young girls hesitant about going for the six yards.

5. Vidya Balan

Vidya is someone who prefers a saree over all other forms of attire and flaunts it regularly with grace and elan. She is a great saree lover and has quite a collection of all kinds of weaves and styles. Though she loves the traditional Kanjivarams, banarsis and cottons, she can also be seen in the designer creations. Vidya can be often seen in a Sabyasachi as well. She came into Bollywood at a time when sarees had been buried under the tags like ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘aged’, but she breathed new life into them. She began normalizing the wearing of sarees. One still remembers her from her early days when she looked fresh and beautiful in her simple handloom sarees.

6. Shilpa Shetty

She has carved out a niche for herself in the trendy, contemporary numbers. Though she wears the traditional sarees for weddings and festivals, she has reinvented and modernized the saree look in many ways. For example, her half-saree drapes, saree gowns, dhoti pant sarees and ruffle style sarees have become the talk of the town. Her style clearly tells you how one can contemporize a traditional look and stand out.

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7. Madhuri Dixit

Saree is Madhuri’s preferred form of attire for most events. She is often spotted wearing sarees that exude elegance, poise and beauty; She can pull off the traditional look as easily as the modern and contemporary one. So whether it is a conventional Maharashtrian drape or a pre-stitched drape, she is at ease with both. Her collection is wide and varied and includes heavily sequined sarees, belted sarees and classic ones.

8. Sridevi

Sridevi’s undying love for the six-yard was evident from the number of times she draped one. And while she was known for her chiffons and plain numbers, the kanjivaram was closest to her heart. Anywhere where she needed to celebrate and look elegant, saree was her chosen form of attire. She was also fond of the creations of Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi.

9. Sonam Kapoor

She is another fashionista from the current breed of Bollywood divas who have made a name for herself. She loves experimenting with her look, and so from a dupatta saree to a double saree, to a saree with a cape, she has done it all. She has even gone for drapes like a denim saree and a fringe saree.

 Sonam also loves experimenting with her blouses. She is often seen in quirky numbers like a striped blouse with a plain saree or an oversized cropped shirt-blouse with a simple saree. She can get very adventurous with her look, but the best part is that she can pull it off.

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10. Alia Bhatt

She has the girly, chic look about her, which comes out effortlessly in the sarees she chooses to wear. Amongst the current lot, she can be seen opting for a saree every often. From designer half & half sarees to her monochrome look, to flowery numbers to a bold red one, she looks lovely each time. Her look is minimal yet glamourous.

11. Jhanvi Kapoor

She has the saree style in her genes, having got it from her mother, Sridevi. A young girl who loves to wear all kinds of clothes, Jhanvi can often be seen in a saree. Keeping the ethnic spirit alive, she loves to glitter and shimmer in her sarees and stylish blouses. But again, she loves wearing all kinds, from chiffons to georgettes to silks. She is often seen wearing solid colours like yellows, blues, reds, pinks, and whites.

12. Deepika Padukone

She is someone who is traditional, modest and regal in her style. While she opts for classic styles most of the time, she can even rock the ruffled look when required. She has often given a modern twist to her saree and stands out. And the best part is she carries these bold styles with a lot of panache.

13. Kiara Advani

 Kiara is another young Bollywood star who inspires young girls to opt for the six-yard wonder. Her choice of sarees is trendy and chic. She can be seen flaunting an embroidered georgette, a polka dot beauty, a lehenga saree or even a sequined blingy number. And every time she makes a statement.

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14. Konkana Sen

The girl with a warm, earthy vibe to her, Konkana is someone who exudes traditional and ethnic vibes. Saree seems to be a natural form of attire for her. From the basic cotton sarees to the exquisite silk ones, she makes a saree look different each time she wears it. The grace, the elegance and the ease with which she carries a saree have to be seen to be believed. She can team up her saree with the shirt or could go entirely conventional, wearing floral, puff-sleeved or even long-sleeved blouses. Like her mother, she makes a style statement each time she wears a saree.

15. Kirron Kher

A fashion icon with a bespoke saree collection, that’s Kirron Kher for you. According to her, nothing matches the elegance of a saree, and that is why she always endorses the saree. She has an enviable collection that includes kanjivarams, ikats, banarsis, etc. She complements her sarees with heavy jewellery and big bindis, which give her a bold and striking style.

16. Aparna Sen

Her collection of sarees is something to die for. Aparna is known for her sophisticated and cool style. She wears them all with simple sophistication, from linen to silk to cotton. She loves wearing the Odisha and West Bengal weaves. Her style is simple and elegant, and graceful. The years have not taken away any of it; they have probably added to her class.

17. Dia Mirza

She is a celebrity who pulls off the six-yard look with elan. Her style is again simple, sophisticated and understated. She loves her whites, peaches, pinks, greys, and other muted shades though she has also been seen in bright tones of yellow and red. She is all about preserving the environment, so she goes for the timeless sarees and promotes handmade clothing labels.

18. Kajol

From a red carpet to a cocktail evening, Kajol has a saree for every occasion. Her traditional saree look during Durga Pujo is a sight to behold. She loves her silks, organzas, and georgettes.

Her collection of sarees is quite varied, and she is known for pairing her sarees with unusual and striking blouses and can even carry the cocktail evening look with aplomb.

19. Tabu

A woman known for her impeccable fashion sense, Tabu wears the six yards with grace and elegance. She is one of those whose accent is on being understated, and therefore nothing about her is ever over the top. Not one to ape fashion trends, she believes in marching to her own tune. Though she wears all kinds of outfits, she looks fabulous in a saree.

20. Hema Malini

Another connossieur of the kanjivram. There was a time when many women used to make fun of her because she was always wearing one. But that did not deter her, and she continued wearing her sarees. She is also often seen in sarees which are largely traditional. She has a conventional saree dressing style in bollywood, wearing sarees with matching blouses and accessories, but the elegance and grace make her stand out.

So ape the actress in saree look and make heads turn.

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