The 40 Best Gifts That Pregnant Women Will Love In 2023

Pregnancy is a special and momentous time in a woman’s life, and it is only natural that her loved ones would want to celebrate by showering her with gifts. However, picking the perfect gifts for pregnant women can be tricky. If you’re wondering what to give the expectant mother in your life, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for pregnant women. Any expectant mother would love to receive these gifts and feel appreciated. From cosy cashmere robes to prenatal massages and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. With so many thoughtful gifts to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect present for the expectant mother in your life.

1. Massage Gift Certificate

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing prenatal massage to ease pregnancy aches and pains. You can find splendid gift certificates for prenatal massages at some of the best spas in the country.

2. Monthly Subscription Box

Why not surprise the mama-to-be with a monthly subscription box filled with hand-picked, pregnancy-safe products specifically for mamas-to-be? From skincare to snacks and everything in between, these luxe boxes have it all.

3. Belly Wrap

A Belly Wrap is perfect for helping mamas-to-be feel supported during pregnancy. Made from comfortable compression fabric, this belly wrap can be worn under clothes to help minimise stretch marks and soothe back pain.

4. Pregnancy Pillow

Being pregnant is not always easy or comfortable! No matter which type of pregnancy pillow you choose, it’s sure to provide the comfort and support you need to get a good night’s sleep. They’re designed to provide full-body support and can be especially helpful for pregnant women who often find themselves lying on their sides.

5. Yoga Ball

For those who love exercising and keeping fit, a yoga ball could be one of the gift ideas for a pregnant wife. Comfort before and during labour can be greatly increased by using a birthing ball. It may even hasten labour by easing pelvic pressure and easing back discomfort.

6. Hospital-Bag Goodies

Celebrate the special occasion of a new life with a gift for the expecting mother that she will cherish. A hospital-bag goodie set complete with essential oils, lip balm, and lotion will be appreciated when she is in labour.

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7. Newborn Arrival Gift Set

For after the baby arrives, a newborn arrival gift set, including cute onesies, booties, and a blanket, is the perfect gift for pregnant women.

8. Framed Sonogram of Baby

If you’re looking for unique gifts for a pregnant wife, you could customise a frame with the baby’s sonogram. She can cherish the image of her child and look back on it with fond memories.

9. Pregnancy Journal

Help the expectant mother document the memories of this time with a pregnancy journal. From a growing baby bump to the first baby kick, jotting down these memories will be super special.

10. Pregnancy Book

You can gift a fun book or guide for the mother-to-be during her pregnancy journey. It will offer tips and information on what to expect during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. As the years go by, this book will become a precious memento.

11. Memory Box

This special box can be used to store memories of the pregnancy journey. It can include ultrasound pictures, letters to the baby, maternity clothes and more. This is a perfect way to help the mother-to-be remember this special time in her life.

12. Pampered Gift Set

This set can include scented candles, body lotions, bath salts and more. This is a great way to help the mother-to-be relax and feel pampered during her pregnancy.

13. Pregnancy Bath Salts

These are bath salts with pure magnesium that can help soothe the aches and pains of pregnancy. They are also a great way to relax and unwind during this special time in her life.

14. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key during pregnancy, so a water bottle is a perfect gift. Look for one that’s BPA-free and insulated so she can keep her water cold all day long.

15. Belly Butter

This rich and creamy lotion is perfect for keeping skin soft and supple as the belly grows. Choose one with natural ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter to help avoid stretch marks.

16. Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can be beneficial for managing pregnancy symptoms like nausea, headaches, and anxiety. Choose calming oils like cardamom or geranium to ease morning sickness and boost her mood.

17. Maternity Belt

As the baby grows, many women experience back pain due to the extra weight they carry. A maternity belt can help support the lower back and ease some of the discomfort.

18. Weights and Resistance Band

Light exercise is vital during pregnancy. So gift your expecting lady a chic set of light weights and resistance bands for some slow-paced workouts. These can also be used after birth, which she’ll surely appreciate.

19. Face Masks

Pregnancy can cause skin issues, from acne to dryness. Face masks are a great way to give the skin some extra love, and plenty of options are available to suit every need. Whether she’s dealing with breakouts or trying to avoid them altogether, there’s sure to be a face mask that will help.

20. 24K Gold Under Eye Masks

Once the baby arrives, life will be a blur of feedings, sleep deprivation, and lots of extra laundries. However, with some planning and pampering, postpartum life can be much more manageable. For the new mom who needs a little help getting her glow back, 24K gold under-eye masks are a must. These luxurious masks help to reduce puffiness and dark circles, giving her a much-needed boost of confidence.

21. Pre-packed Diaper Bag

A stylish diaper bag will be essential for the mama who’s always on the go. Look for one with plenty of compartments for all of the baby’s essentials and some convenient features like an insulated bottle holder. Your mama-to-be will surely appreciate it.

22. Maternity Dress

A nursing-friendly dress is perfect for the mama who wants to feel beautiful and comfortable during those early days. Choose something loose and flowing in a soft fabric like bamboo or cotton. And if you’re going to give things a more personal touch, you could think of handmade gifts for pregnant women. For instance, you could think of a customised or handmade maternity dress to gift your loved one.

23. DIY Postpartum Box

Every new mom will appreciate a DIY postpartum box filled with all the essentials for healing and recovery. Think Epsom Salt baths, herbal teas, comfy clothes, and anything else that will help her relax and feel cared for. With these thoughtful gifts, the new mom in your life will be prepared for everything the first few weeks of postpartum challenges throw her way.

24. Slides

A pair of slides are the perfect gift for the expecting mother who wants to be comfortable without sacrificing style. Foam soles provide support and cushioning, while a chic design ensures that she can wear them both around the house and out on errands. The slip-on style makes them easy to put on and take off, and the range of colours means a pair to suit every taste. You can even opt for funny gifts for pregnant women, like fuzzy ones or a pair with funny emojis to bring a smile to her face.

25. Maternity Photo Package

A maternity photo package is a wonderful gift for the mom-to-be who wants to document her pregnancy journey. The package can include a session with a professional photographer and a set of prints to treasure for years to come. This is a perfect way to capture those special moments and create lasting memories.

26. Herbal Teas

This set of organic teas is a thoughtful and health-conscious gift for the tea lover in your life. The set includes four different kinds of tea, all of which are packed with antioxidants and other health benefits. The teas are delicious hot or cold, making them perfect for any time of day.

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27. Organic Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil is a versatile and nourishing product that any expecting mother will appreciate. It can be used as a skin moisturiser, hair treatment, or cooking oil, making it a truly versatile gift. Moreover, coconut oil is free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulphates, and other harsh chemicals, making it gentle and safe for use during pregnancy.

28. Scented Candle Set

For the expectant mother who likes to keep her space smelling nice, scented candles are a perfect gift. Choose a calming scent like lavender or chamomile, or go for something refreshing like lemon or eucalyptus. She will acknowledge the effort nonetheless.

29. Cardigan

A soft cardigan is another great option for pregnant women. It can be difficult to find both comfortable and stylish clothing, but a cardigan hits the mark on both counts. Look for one made from a stretchy material so she can wear it throughout her pregnancy and beyond.

30. Soft Maternity Sleepwear

If she’s looking for something to wear to bed, a maternity sleepwear set is a great choice. The set should include a tank top and shorts or pants, all made from soft, breathable fabric. And since she’ll likely be nursing at some point, look for a set that also includes a nursing top.

31. Nursing Pyjamas

These are a must-have for any new mom. They offer easy access for nighttime feedings and are made from ultra-soft fabric that will keep her comfortable all night long. They come in various styles, so choose the ones that best suit her taste.

32. Massage Gun

If you’re looking for something unique, consider a massage gun. Massage guns are becoming increasingly popular as a way to relieve pain and tension. This can be a great gift for a pregnant woman suffering from back pain or other discomforts.

33. Pumping Bag

This can be a lifesaver for a new mom who needs to pump breast milk while on the go. A pumping bag comes with all the necessary accessories, including a breast pump, bottles, and ice packs.

34. Chocolate Box

For something truly indulgent, consider a signature collection box for a pregnant woman with a sweet tooth. The box includes an assortment of gourmet chocolates, perfect for satisfying any craving.

35. Diffuser

This can be a great way to help a pregnant woman relax and de-stress. A diffuser can help to create a calm and peaceful environment, making it the perfect gift for any expectant mother. It is a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils; many brands also offer roll-ons and other topical products.

36. Silk Sleep Mask

A silk sleep mask is a luxurious and practical gift for any expecting mom. It will help her get a good night’s sleep, and she can wear it during naps or anytime she wants to relax.

37. Heated Neck Wrap

Pregnancy often causes severe neck pains, making it difficult to complete daily tasks. So, a heated neck wrap with adjustable settings would be the best way to relieve her sore neck.

38. Vitamins

The right dosage of vitamins is essential to a pregnant woman’s diet. They help ensure that she and her baby get all the nutrients they need. A vitamin supplement box is a great way to ensure she gets all the necessary vitamins.

49. Maternity Robe

A soft and flowy cashmere or silk robe would be great for women who want to get nice and cosy around the house after a warm shower. You can even make It personalised with an embroidered “Mom To Be’ for a more thoughtful touch.

40. Facial Steamer

This is great for a soon-to-be mama dealing with stuffiness. It will help open pores, prep skin before a skincare treatment and make her feel refreshed. She can even use it after her baby arrives for a quick spa experience.

These are just a few great gifts for pregnant women that we think she’ll love. Ultimately, the best gift for a pregnant lady is your support and love. Whether you spoil her with presents or offer a shoulder to lean on, she will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness during this special time.

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